Leverage Campus Mobile Apps to Drive Student Engagement

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March 6, 2018
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Leverage Campus Mobile Apps to Drive Student Engagement

March 19, 2018

One campus app engages thousands of students! How do you think that statement makes you feel? Amazing, isn’t it? Student engagement is a top priority for all institutions, as it helps them improve student retention and increase alumni giving. Student engagement is not as easy as it sounds. You have to track various activities and update your campus technologies to keep up with the changing trends and engage students in the newest way possible.

Several universities out there are seeking new opportunities, which creates a cut-throat competitive environment. It is up to the higher education institutions to prep their students for the upcoming challenges by helping them focus on what is necessary.

The biggest challenge comes into picture while developing effective student strategies when you realize that not all the students are the same. Students from different age, culture and tradition come to an institution to study. The population of higher education seekers consists of ESL students, part-time or full-time workers, single parents, and so on. What is the common thing among all of them? They are all mobile users.

It is imperative to consider adopting a mobile campus app to communicate and pass the necessary information to the students Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus, a premier student engagement app development platform which ease-of-access to relevant content to the students as well as staff and faculty. You can personalize messages and use the ‘Targeted Messaging’ feature to communicate effectively.

The Unifyed mobile app solution helps institutions pass information to students for a wide range of categories such as orientation of new students, commencement, on campus events and activities, recruitment drives, classes, registration, grades, attendance, and more.

Attracting a students’ attention and informing them of exciting on-campus activities such as special events and activity fairs draws their course to success. Campus mobile apps encourage students to share feedback about campus events, which can be used to help you improve your events, activities and services to better meet the needs and expectations of the students. You can not only ensure an event’s success but also understand how students feel about their time on campus.

An institution which realizes the true value of student’s voice and lets it be heard, makes the students feel valued. This is the best way to engage them. The more the students are engaged, more likely your retention rate will improve as will the institution’s image.

These benefits have caught the attention of most of the institutions, and they have started adopting no code app builder solutions to build mobile apps without programming. A mobile app solution can help your institution drive outcomes and facilitate networking. Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus enables users to communicate through texts, emails, banners or push notifications with other users. You can retrieve data to study the effectiveness of communication and develop necessary actionable metrics to better utilize the app through tailored content. These metrics help you enhance the experience for users.

To learn more about Unifyed mobile digital campus, visit our iSeminar page or register for a demo. You can understand why mobile campus solutions are gaining popularity among higher education institutions around the globe.

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