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More than 750 colleges and universities worldwide are powered by Unifyed

[Unifyed’s mobile app] has provided students with a solution they love because they can use their iPhones to register for classes, check their financial aid, their grades… anything they need to do, service oriented, is within the mobile app and they love it.

The experience with the mobile app extends to our faculty and staff as we linked our ERP system to the mobile app so that our employees & faculty can do what they need to do while walking down the street.

We love Unifyed’s concern for customer satisfaction and would highly recommend them to other colleges and universities.”

Jolyn Bauer

CIO, Community College of Philadelphia

Integrations Made Easy

We are a Banner® institution and needed mobile delivery for personal data that lives within Banner® self-service. The Unifyed team looked at our requirements and concerns over data security and delivered more than we asked for. We just got started and received overwhelmingly positive from the users and are rapidly approaching 7,000 downloads.”

Paul M. Chenoweth Manager – Web Programming Belmont University

Improving Student Experience

By partnering with Unifyed, we are looking forward to providing students with a better user experience. Unifyed is helping us to automate our whole enrollment process with their modern solutions, while ensuring that our campus is secure from all security threats and cyberattacks.”

Jack Post Chief Information Officer Camden County College

Around The Clock Support

After careful consideration, we are pleased to select Unifyed. With this partnership, we look forward to improving our campus communication, tightening our cybersecurity and improving overall student experience.”

Dr. David J. Fike President Golden Gate University