6 “Must Integrate” Technologies For A Better Mobile Digital Campus

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March 19, 2018
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October 6, 2018

6 “Must Integrate” Technologies For A Better Mobile Digital Campus

March 27, 2018

Technology seems to be involved in all aspects of life today. There is a technology for everything today. Most of our needs are fulfilled with smartphones. The presence of mobile apps for several purposes has made human life much easier than before. Hungry? Use your mobile app to order for food online, and it will arrive at your doorstep in few moments. Planning a vacation? Use a mobile app to book your itinerary in few minutes.

Today the horizon of mobile apps has expanded to colleges and universities, easing campus life in various ways.

Higher Education Mobile Applications

It is observed that higher education students depend on mobile campus apps more than mobile browsing to fulfil their daily needs. Nowadays, students carry their smartphones or tablets to their campuses, which makes student communication easy for students. Therefore, most of the colleges and universities have started using mobile apps to facilitate their campus life and enable both students and staff to communicate with each other.

If you are considering new technologies, consider one which brings all your digital strategies to one centralized hub. Unifyed enables you to develop a mobile platform which creates value across all campus groups.

Here are the top 6 higher education mobile apps you must integrate to enhance student life on campus:

    1. Learning Management System (LMS) – An institution’s LMS plays a great role in imparting education. Its implementation enables a systematic and more convenient approach encouraging students for self-education. Apart from getting easy access to study materials, students can submit assignments, check progress, communicate with faculty, get support, and more. It streamlines student life on the go.
      You can help students stay on top of their coursework, reduce drop-out rates and improve your institution’s image. Create a platform for proactive mobile communication and advising resources by integrating with your mobile apps.
    1. Student Information System (SIS) – On-campus student experience and student retention are closely linked. Implementation of an SIS helps students to check grades, register for classes, view their schedule, see their financial aid, and pay their tuition and other fees. Streamline student information and financial aid through a centralized system which allows students to access critical information pertaining to application deadlines, the status of an application and fill in other relevant details.
      By integrating SIS, an institution enables the faculty or staff to send personalized messages, timely reminders and push notifications to the students who have pending tasks or submissions to complete.
    1. Single Sign-On – A single sign-on solution empowers students with a single master password to navigate several technology systems starting from the LMS to SIS, and more. Single sign-on facilitates a seamless transition between different systems using the existing authentication methods. Having single sign-on with MFA is hassle-free and more secured than maintaining multiple usernames, passwords, and pins – which should be written down time and again, or may be forgotten.
    1. Transportation – This feature helps an institution to keep track of students’ navigation on and around the campus to ensure safe travels. It eases booking and pooling rides, campus shuttles, and more. It smoothens transitioning for both commuters and residential, reducing transportation stress, and helping them with time management.
      Use the transportation feature on Unifyed mobile digital campus app to understand how it works.
  1. Campus Tours – The mobile apps platform must provide a campus tour feature to simplify campus navigation for students, faculty, and alumni. Based on the location of the user, it also enables you to send targeted messages and notifications about distinct campus features such as a historical statue, the auditorium, or on-campus entertainment area. By integrating campus tours, you can easily direct users to special events at any place in the campus.

The integration strategies mentioned above create a centralized mobile hub to pull necessary information from various data sources and boost student success. To learn more about Unifyed mobile digital campus, visit our iSeminar page or register a demo of Unifyed mobile campus solutions and learn why they are gaining popularity among higher education institutions across the globe.

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