4 Reasons To Implement An Admissions Management System

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June 29, 2023
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4 Reasons To Implement An Admissions Management System

July 13, 2023

According to College Enrollment Statistics, the overall college enrollment in Spring 2023 stands at 16.9 million students. With millions of students enrolling every year in different colleges, proper management technology is pivotal for higher education institutions.

Higher Ed Institutions often experience challenges while handling enrollments that can hamper their overall success, and an admissions management system can make the admissions process infallible.

Let’s dive into four reasons to implement an admissions management system.

1. Automated Admissions Process

First and foremost, an Admissions Management System automates the admissions process. While this benefit falls on a more holistic spectrum, it is the most integral. An Admissions Management System can seamlessly move your prospects through the admissions funnel while updating every step; it can be configured to notify the authorities at each stage, alert authorities if a prospect fall through occurs, track leads efficiently, set up strategic reminders, and more. Automating the process not only leaves no room for error, it significantly increases productivity and reduces the never-ending manual effort.

2. Smart Admissions Strategy

Develop smart admissions strategy with a tool that executes it perfectly. An Admissions Management System excludes manual effort, offers customization, and automates the process. Not only does it allow you to configure a smart admissions strategy that best suits your institution’s needs, but it also delivers a personalized experience to every prospect that further encourages them to enroll.

3. Effective & Systematic communication with prospects & applicants

An Admissions Management System helps you strike where the iron is hot. Delivering a personalized experience with systematic communication delivered to the right prospect can help your institution reach its enrolment goals. The communication plan can notify the prospects to fill in their application if left incomplete, update prospects throughout their applications process, and maintain effective communication.

4. Automatic deletion/merging of duplicate entries

Higher Education Institutions receive a vast number of applications from different sources, which can lead to receiving duplicate entries of a single prospect. Institutions can avoid this very obstacle with the duplicity checker feature of an Admissions Management System. The duplicity checker automatically detects duplicate entries and merges or deletes them. The duplicity checker ensures that each prospect is nurtured and no two admission counselors are nurturing the same prospect.

There are many other reasons why an Admissions Management System can be an invaluable tool for admissions & recruitment of higher education institutions. Unifyed Admit, comprehensive admission and recruitment management system is an effective tool that consists of features like Role-Based Access Control, Automated Communication Plan, automatic Recruiter Assignment, Checklist Assignment, Integration with SIS, and more. You can book a demo to find out ways this tool can help increase your enrolment rate.