Admissions & Recruitment Management

  • Engage with prospective students
  • Improve the admissions experience
  • Boost data driven decisions

Unifyed Admit is an admissions and recruitment management system for higher education institutions. The solution helps schools improve their admissions process by allowing recruiters to track, review, and process applications effectively. Admissions staff have access to real-time analytics for data driven decision making. These capabilities help staff with their daily activities and improve results. Prospective students can leverage a self-service portal to submit and track their application status. This helps guide them through the admissions process and creates a better admissions experience.

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Prospect & Applicant Management

The Prospect Management feature allows institutions to nurture prospects into applicants. Prospective students can be engaged using email, SMS, mail, phone calls, face-to-face meetings, and other communication touch points. The Applicant Management feature allows counselors of the institutions to evaluate applicants and simultaneously encourage analytics-based decision making. Workflows and admissions checklists can be used to notify applicants of updates and acceptance.

Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal enables prospects to enter their information and submit applications easily. Applicants can view their information and application status in real-time. There are also configurable forms allowing admissions staff to manage how information is captured and managed.

Data Import & Export

Institutions have multiple ways to import and export data from the system. Admissions staff can easily import and export data without the need for technical assistance. Scheduling capabilities also allow for automation of certain import and export functions.

Integration with Student Information Systems

Unifyed Admit allows integration with multiple student information systems. Admissions staff can leverage bidirectional data exchange and schedule data import and exports. Unifyed Admit has proven integrations with systems such as Banner™, Colleague™, PowerCampus™, Peoplesoft™, Jenzabar™, CampusNexus™, and Workday™.

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