The Role of Student Portals in Student Engagement in Higher Ed

Why Student Information Systems is Crucial to Higher Ed
August 17, 2023

The Role of Student Portals in Student Engagement in Higher Ed

June 21, 2024

In today’s day and age, Student Engagement can be defined in various ways; from engaging in classrooms to involving the students in university operations. The Times Higher Education lays it perfectly as it emphasizes on the term being defined without context.  

The Glossary of Higher Education Reform defines Student Engagement as the attention, curiosity, interest, optimism, and motivation students pertain to learn and progress their education. While that is essential for students around the world, student portals have recently gained the traction and development to help them fulfill their academic roles and responsibilities.

How does a Student Portal drive Student Engagement? 

The Higher Ed landscape has evolved over the years and Student Portals have gained increasing attention. Universities have reckoned that a dedicated Student Portal can significantly help with student engagement, and here’s how: 

1. Convenience 

Students today crave convenience, especially in the complex world of higher education. Juggling multiple applications and scattered resources often leads to frustration and wasted time. A traditional academic experience can feel more like an obstacle course than a smooth learning path. A Student Center or Portal that comprises of dynamic content pulled in from all the necessary applications, information, and system may just be the right option – providing the students with the convenience they need. 

2. Communication & Community

In a study by McKensey & Company that determined the impressions of learning technology on students revealed that 65% of students agreed that technology has increased connectivity and community building amongst the students. Student Portals can encourage community building, communication between users, and a sense of belongingness. 

3. Integrations

Many institutions struggle with clustered systems where students find different information on different platforms, which ultimately also adds to the first point I mentioned. Here’s where a Student Hub comes in. Imagine a central hub that seamlessly integrates all the applications, information, and systems you need. Think dynamic content pulled in from all the essential tools, consolidated in one user-friendly interface. This Student Portal becomes your one-stop shop for everything academic, eliminating the need to navigate a maze of fragmented resources. 


In conclusion, student engagement in today’s higher education goes beyond simply attending classes. It encompasses active participation, collaboration, and a sense of belonging within the academic community. While traditional methods have their place, universities are increasingly recognizing the potential of student portals to foster this multifaceted engagement. 

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