3 Ways Technology Can Upturn Student Experience

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July 13, 2023
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August 17, 2023

3 Ways Technology Can Upturn Student Experience

July 20, 2023

Higher Ed institutions today are turning to technology to upturn the student experience. According to a study by Higher Ed Dive, the three most common areas of investment for the schools surveyed included remote and online teaching and learning (85%), security of data and systems (72%), and student self-service tools and technologies (68%).

In this blog, I will focus on the three ways technology can enhance student experience across higher ed in the US:

1. Building a community:

Many technology solutions in the US Higher Education market offer student engagement portals that encourage community building. It is imperative for students to create connections and modern technology is the way to it. Allowing students to connect inside and outside the premises can be quite helpful in enhancing the student experience as a whole.

2. Personalized Communication

According to the Connected Student Report: Second Edition, 42% of students say they would like more personalized communications from their institution. Personalized communication goes a long way and robust technology can help institutions achieve that. Leading student engagement solutions today allow institutions to deliver a highly personalized experience to each student.

3. Integration

According to the Connected Student Report: Second Edition, 26% of students say they have to sign in to two or more different platforms to find answers and access what they need to be successful every day. A student engagement solution that seamlessly integrates different platforms under one roof for easy accessibility can significantly impact the student experience.

While there are many other ways to enhance the student experience at your institutions, the three ways mentioned above can be a fair start. Unifyed’s Student Service & Success solution, Unifyed Engage is designed to meet the needs of students while enhancing their student experience. Its features are curated to encourage students to build a community, delivered personalized communication, offer seamless integration with other platforms, and more.