3 Ways To Build A Network Of Alumni Through Mobile Technologies

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July 15, 2019
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July 23, 2019

3 Ways To Build A Network Of Alumni Through Mobile Technologies

July 18, 2019

3 Ways To Build A Network Of Alumni Through Mobile Technologies

Hats in the air, declare your success! While the moment of finally graduating can be joyous for your students, and so should be their motive to stay connected with your institution. Some students already have jobs in hand and some might be on the brink of job searching as they leave campus. Great institutions make sure that their students leave their campuses with fondest of memories, which in turn establishes a long-lasting relationship between them.

A 2018 study of student loan debt among the US citizens in says that it is about $1.48 trillion owed by about 44 million borrowers. It is even more than what people owe on credit cards and cars. Such statistics pave ways for doubts in the minds of students about the value of their education.

Do you ensure that your graduates see value in attending your college? Have you taken proper measures to enhance the on-campus experience of students? Well, that’s the buzzword – student.

Higher education institutions need to focus on improving student experience by incorporating best alumni engagement apps which not only build a good reputation of the institution in the eyes of students but also build a strong network of alumni.

1.) Create a sense of community and value for your institution

What do you do to make sure that your students are motivated? Do they feel special about themselves or just a part of the large crowd? Whether the students are on or off campus, studious or involved more in extracurricular activities, you must take proper measures to encourage student participation and add value to your institution’s image in the eyes of students and graduates.

There should be a robust and centralized communication hub, such as campus mobile solutions which connect the students, faculty, and staff. A centralized system inculcates a sense of uniformity in student minds, in spite of the differences in their interests, goals, and backgrounds, encouraging campus initiatives and student participation.

Though communication is not the only requisite to drive student engagement, it deepens the student-institution relationship with time. In addition to that, regular and personalized communications tailored to encourage individual student interests make impeccable student engagement.

Do not rely on emails to build the connection between students. Mobile campus apps solutions powered by Unifyed help you build an advanced platform of communication between students, increasing student experience.

2.) Improve brand loyalty among students

Your institution’s brand plays a vital role in attracting new students as well as building brand loyalty among the students and alumni. When students feel connected to an institution’s brand, they look forward to maintaining strong relationships with the institution after stepping out of the campus.

The best way to establish brand loyalty is through relevance, engaging the stakeholders, providing value, and asking for feedback from time to time through a digital system, promoting student success.

  • Maintaining Relevance – To maintain relevance, offer a multitude of opportunities relevant to the career requirements of students in the future. Integrate career development skills with their learning process. Ensure that you are involving your students in additional activities such as online app development through a no code app builder like the Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus. This boosts student participation and helps them develop career-oriented skills.
  • Engaging Stakeholders – Students are the primary stakeholders of an institution. Make sure that you deliver regular communication to keep in touch with them. Unifyed Messaging enables you to send push notifications and messages on-the-go about upcoming events on campus, campus stories, registration deadlines, and more.
  • Providing Value – Do the technologies adopted by your institution enhance student experience? Are the students able to make the most out of those technologies? Bringing all the technologies into one centralized hub gives the students ease-of-access to critical information and makes their campus life immensely easy. Unifyed’s apps for higher education help you build a platform that gives your students access to everything they need at one place.
  • Feedback Solicitation- Let your students know that you care about them by asking them what they think about your institution and their experiences. In-app surveys and responses received via Unifyed Connect can help you stay on top of the game. This will help you determine and create various ways to enhance the student experience.

3.)Strengthen relationships with your students and alumni

Now that you have successfully established mobile strategies to boost student experience, your graduates will be accustomed to engaging with your institution through alumni mobile apps.

The best way to ensure that your graduates are connected to your institution and your existing students is, creating an attractive ‘student persona’, through your campus apps by using an advanced no-code app development platform. It will help the alumni to connect with your student community and brand for the future.

Additionally, you can offer easy access to a myriad of career services to support the graduates, build networking guidelines and an alumni information directory. Assist and enable the alumni to host events like homecoming and reunions.

Student engagement is imperative to build a strong alumni network. Attempt to engage your students in addition to your graduates. When students feel valued, they love to connect with the campus, no matter where they go.