The Role of Student Engagement in Higher Education

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July 16, 2020
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September 15, 2020

The Role of Student Engagement in Higher Education

August 17, 2020

To create a meaningful learning environment, it is imperative that student engagement is viewed as one of the keys to addressing everyday challenges related to low achievement, high dropout rates, boredom, alienation, etc. But how does one do that?

As part of the millennial generation, we are very well acquainted with a number of applications that have certainly taken over our daily lives and will continue to do so in the coming future. As an observer in the growth of higher education, I realized how important the role of applets had become in the liberation of many activities which previously seemed a little too tedious. It helped me define the uses and benefits which it came with, noticing the impact it has on higher education which could use multiple applications for more obvious reasons.

You may ask, how does a wide range of applets have such a major impact on student life and institutional goals? Just like every institution has its own set of protocols created to achieve the annual goals, similarly, these applets have something which creates an efficient and engaging environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to communicate to get the work done.

Unifyed built an extremely superior platform for applets, known as Unifyed Applets, offering higher educational institutions many student engagement apps such as: Classroom Emergency, Attendance Tracker, Financial Aid, Food Ordering, Classroom Availability, Registration, Books, Wallet, and Campus Safety. The list doesn’t just end here, as there are more applications like Unifyed Identity, Unifyed Connect, Unifyed Finance, Unifyed Jobs, Unifyed Academics, Give To, Help Chat, LMS Module etc.

Every applet is built and created with a certain purpose which defines its benefits. The main features of Unifyed Applets are:

– Personalized Experience: Every information shared is based on specific user roles, for example, faculty, staff, students or applicants. It builds a personalized experience delivering exactly the information which a user should receive depending on their roles. Now institutions can also target users through the use of Message Applets, Geo-fencing and QR codes.

– Cross-Environment, Cross-Platform Compatibility: Most of these applets are built on Mobile-First design, facilitating a unified and seamless user experience in web and mobile. Unifyed Applets have built a compatibility with all different browsers whether in web or mobile environment which makes it easier to use and deploy.

– Hassle-Free Customizations: The institution can now make changes in the UI, branding and functionalities of the applets as they deem fit. These applets can be customized whenever needed to meet the institutional requirements, without any IT assistance.

– Accessibility Compliance: Unifyed Store Applets complies with all legal, security and accessibility obligations and other standards such as WCAG, 508, FERPA, HIPPA, and others.

The Bottom Line Is

Applets are a huge part of student life and it engages them at every level of their educational journey. Without the use of applets, the engagement level may not increase to such limits and education may still be seen to follow the old-school protocol of their everyday curriculum.

Unifyed Applets have boosted the lives of both the students and the institutions, by giving them the opportunity to improve, re-arrange and execute new methods of digital campus, thus allowing growth, learning, and development.