Driving Student Success with Mobile: Encouraging Students Meet Their Academic Goals

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April 15, 2020
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Driving Student Success with Mobile: Encouraging Students Meet Their Academic Goals

June 12, 2020

By now, I am sure you know how important mobile apps are to aid remote learning. However, not physically being at campus has its own challenges. For many students, achieving their academic goals can be very difficult. Students may not feel encouraged enough to finish their course or may find it hard to receive all the important information. Hence, it is important for institutions to know how they can help their students make the most of their mobile devices and get through some of the major challenges they are facing during these difficult times.

1. Mobile to help students keep a track of their academic goals

We know how institutions have moved towards a distributed campus and are running their processes in the new normal. Colleges & universities recognize how many students are facing problems when it comes to finishing their degree or any course of study due to lack of encouragement and regular reminders. To help their students achieve their academic goals, many institutions are relying on their technology providers. Features like degree tracker, percentage of course completed, nudges and alerts for due dates, among others are quite useful when it comes down to encouraging the students to move forward with their course.

2. Mobile to fill the communication gap

In an ideal scenario, students have access to all the important information in the campus itself; they have their professors and advisors to guide them and communicate all the important updates. However, when learning online, easy access to important updates and information can be quite challenging. Use of a mobile app can be beneficial to overcome such challenges. With the help of push notifications and reminders, institutions can help students stay apprised of all the important communication, their course progress tracker, advisory services, important sessions, among others.

3. Leverage location-based notifications

One of the best benefits of accessing information on your mobile device is getting location-based results. It holds a massive significance if you are looking for something near you. A mobile app can look for the required information, services, or products for you within your area. For example, if you are looking for a course book, you can leverage proximity-based notifications and know about the stores nearby where you can purchase the book.

4. Native apps are important

Website are great and they are mobile-friendly as well, however, this does not mean they can replace the native apps. Native apps provide users a handy access to all the important information in a faster way. The seamless UI experience that comes with reduced number of clicks and better accessibility is always a better way to improve the user experience. It also empowers the users with geo location-based updates and information that a website can’t do.

The Bottom Line

We are facing difficult times, where students may face challenges while going through their courses or degree. Thus, it is crucial for institutions to understand their problems and provide help them overcome this and achieve their academic goals. Are you engaging your students? Let us to see how we can help with your student engagement goals. Ask for a free demo here.