Blow Away the Security Threats – Benefits of Adopting a Smart Password Manager

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February 20, 2020
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Blow Away the Security Threats – Benefits of Adopting a Smart Password Manager

February 27, 2020

I recently came across a report which says, the global cost of cybercrimes has now reached as much as $600 billion — i.e. about 0.8 % of the global GDP! If that just sounds like a number to you, let me help you understand the severity of the situation; it was about $445 billion in 2014. Now, does the leap scare you?

We keep saying that the world is changing and it surely is. However, one must not forget about the transformation from every perspective. Where latest technologies are helping businesses to grow massively, it is not stepping back from helping the evolution of cybercrimes as well. That being said, I believe it is crucial to secure businesses from cyber threat blows in the best ways possible.

Many folks do not strongly believe in the need of adding a security layer to their IT infrastructure. They know the urgencies somewhere down the line, but are waiting for another security breach headline to help them come wide-awake. I strongly believe that organizations must figure out a reliable way to protect their data and manage passwords to ensure the escape from the possible security threats.

Keeping this in mind, Unifyed Student – Verify has set up smart Password Manager solution, which could empower users with self-serviceability. Unifyed’s smart password manager can also be linked to the SSO platform to help users do away with the ordeal of having to call the IT helpdesk or remembering usernames/passwords.

Strengthening Your Security System With Password Manager

Smart Password Manager comes with the abilities to provide complete security to organizations in different ways. Some of the features are:

  • Regular Password Revisions – One can set or manage the password expiration dates to ensure that the passwords are getting updated on regular basis. This will help in protecting the organization from security risks by keeping unauthorized hacking activities at bay.
  • Flexible Password Retrieval Options – With the help of Unifyed’s Smart Password Manager, it is possible to recover the forgotten/lost passwords in different ways. One can opt for different recovery options, like answering security questions or reset it via a phone text/call or email.
  • Role-Based Password Recovery – Unifyed’s Smart Password Manager enables the admin to customize the recovery options for different users. The options can vary as per the role of the employees in the organization. For example, depending on the policies of the organization the admin can decide if a specific user should be allowed to recover the password(s) with the help of only a phone call/text or an email or all.
  • Instant Notifications – To keep all the authorized users on the same page, smart Password Manager sends instant notifications to update the users about specific changes made in the recovery options.

The Bottom Line Is

Did anyone of you shop from Forever 21 or Whole Foods or Kmart in 2017? If yes, some of your personal information might have been violated. Realizing the sensitivity of the scenario yet? Well, I am talking about the compromise of the information including your payment details, like credit card or debit card. Sounds like a wake-up call now?

There are many software that can crack passwords on the basis of common patterns followed by users, thus creating the urgency of building a security wall to reduce the risk of a security breach. To stay clear of hearing headlines, shouting out loud around cybercrimes and everyday data breaches, why not deploy Unifyed’s Smart Password Manager today?