Identity and Access Management: 3 reasons you need it

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February 14, 2023
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Identity and Access Management: 3 reasons you need it

February 28, 2023

An identity & Access Management System is a technological regulation that manages digital identities to keep the data secure. To further elaborate, identity Management allows the identification & authentication of the user, and access management deploys role-based access control.


Three reasons to implement IDAM System:

Here are the top three reasons IDAM is essential for your institution:

  • Security Management
    IDAM enables institutions to develop a robust security system that involves correct identification, authentication, and authorization of the user. Furthermore, it avoids internal attacks by segregating access to only a limited proportion of all users.
  • Enhanced User Experience
    Using IDAM that eliminates passwords to fortify cybersecurity also enhances user experience as they can utilize different authentication factors to log into their accounts, which are much easier to employ than remembering passwords. Passwordless Authentication specifically allows users to log in securely and without hurdles in the process.
  • Cost Reduction
    The cost of recovering from a cyberattack is much higher than deploying an Identity & Access Management system. So, when an institution implements a robust IDAM system, they not only save operating costs but also secure their data from getting into the hands of bad actors.


The Crux of the Matter

Especially after the rise of remote working fashion, it is imperative to have a resilient Identity & Access Management system that further allows institutions to gain complete control over their institutions. There are far more reasons to determine just how useful IDAM is for your institution, but above all, it protects an institution from unwanted access to important information. Book a demo of Unifyed Student–Verify, the ideal Identity & Access Management System solution.