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Unifyed Student – Verify

Unifyed Verify identity management helps institutions provide their students, faculty and staff with secure, single-sign-on to the key applications that they need to learn and work. It also enables the campus community to self-sufficiently reset their passwords.



Single Sign-On & Passwordless

Unifyed Student - Verify enables students, faculty and staff to single sign-on with one username and password or biometrics to the apps that they need to work and learn. It includes an single sign-on library of 100s of commonly used enterprise applications such as Banner®, Colleague®, Peoplesoft®, Jenzabar®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, Office 365® and Gmail® so that IT does not need to reinvent the wheel.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Unifyed Student - Verify adds a layer of security to login and password reset requests that verify the student, faculty, and/or staff identity before they can complete their login or password reset. It helps IT thwart cyberattacks such as spear phishing, brute force, and man-in-thee-middle.


Password Manager

Unifyed Student – Verify’s Password Manager helps students, faculty, and staff self-sufficiently reset their passwords when they forget them. It can automatically detect if a password reset request seems fishy and prompts the user to provide additional verification of their identity and answer security questions.


Student Onboarding

Unifyed Student - Verify sends new students a welcome email that directs them to the college's website where they can verify their identity to create their own password. It eliminates the cost of sending physical letters and reduces the cybersecurity risk of emails that provide new students with default passwords.

First Time User

Automated Provisioning

Unifyed Student - Verify provides automated provisioning that helps institutions streamline the role-based access for the users. With the help of automated provisioning, specified roles can be automatically assigned to the right users for all the apps and systems in a much secure and efficient manner. This helps in taking manual burden off Institutions’ IT staff and prevents from spending long hours updating scrips manually; saving time and operational cost.


Artificial Intelligence

Unifyed Student – Verify includes, Yoda, a chatbot that reduces IT's workload by automating frequently asked access-related questions such as "How do I access Zoom?" and guides students, faculty, and staff on resetting their passwords.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unifyed Student – Verify is an end-to-end identity and access management solution (IDAM) that provides single sign-on (SSO), self-service password reset, adaptive, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and first-time user (FTU) workflow. It also automates student, faculty and staff provisioning and deprovisioning.

The Verify module includes hundreds of pre-built single sign-on adapters. It also comprises commonly used higher ed apps such as Banner®, Colleague®, PowerCampus®, Jenzabar®, Campus Management®, Oracle Peoplesoft®, Workday®, Blackboard®, Canvas®, Brightspace®, G Suite®, Microsoft® Office 365, among others.

Unifyed supports 256-bit encryption and leverages SSL/TLS 1.1 and 1.2 for password encryption.

Unifyed Student – Verify provides administrators the access to audit user profiles, deletions and modifications including:

  • Any change in user identity data from across disparate systems
  • Any change in permissions, access rights, and approval processes
  • Any policy violations
  • Reports across different aspects of identity data and activity

Our auditing and reporting features provide on-demand reports for auditors to review the system identity policy exceptions.

Smart Password Manager allows end-users to easily reset their Active Directory password using a wide range of factors, thereby eliminating the need of calling helpdesk for password reset. Our intuitive solution and state-of-the-art cloud operations make password reset a low risk and high value endeavor. It is a highly resourceful tool for IT and security teams.

Yes, we have out-of-the-box support for multiple active directories.

You can either whitelist our IP addresses or we can setup a site-to-site VPN tunnel between two networks.

NOTE: VPN tunnel shall be made available at an additional cost of $750/year.

Yes, you do need a certificate as password reset happens over a secure port, requiring a self-signed certificate or a valid certificate.

Currently, Password Reset Tool supports challenge questions and answers, email, Google Authenticator, SMS, and YubiKey.

Yes, it supports rule-based configuration basis the groups available in the active directory. You have the option to make the factors mandatory or optional.

After the first successful login, users will be redirected to security setup page wherein they’ll be able to configure their factors.


NOTE: This could be made mandatory or optional. If this setting is made mandatory, the users won’t be able to perform any activity before completing their factor configuration.

Yes, you can pre-define your own questions for your users.

Users can either create their own questions or select from the pool of available questions. However, using administratively defined pool of questions is highly recommended.

Administrators can enable two personal email addresses.

Administrators can enable two phone numbers.

We can deliver SMS (text) messages to 195 countries.

Users can use any of the available factors to help reset their passwords. In case of a complete lock-out, they can always call enterprise helpdesk.


NOTE: We provide an intuitive helpdesk interface, which could be used by enterprise helpdesk resource to help reset passwords for end-users without having to connect with Active Directory.

You can submit the request through your Customer Success representative, who in turn, will help enable the services for you.

NOTE: Our platform is self-serviceable. All the settings can be configured by you.

Presently, Smart Password Manage supports the below-mentioned reports:

  • Success v/s Failures during password reset activity
  • List of locked v/s disabled accounts
  • SMS Success v/s Failure reports
  • Product adoption report
  • Username recovery report
  • On-demand availability of user sign in history
  • Password reset sources by AD Role

Password policies are defined in Active Directory (AD). Smart Password Manager leverages policies from AD.

Yes, you can store security questions and answers in Enterprise Active Directory.

You could opt-in for a hosted mail relay server, which will however, attract an additional cost.

Yes, you can easily customize mail/SMS messages.

Unifyed’s Smart Password Manager has a self-service user interface, which allows all type of users to reset passwords by themselves in a secure manner. Multi-factor authentication can be enabled on password resets to boost protection.

Unifyed Password Manager permits users to recover forgotten or expired passwords through multi-factor authentication. It also allows the users to self-configure expiry notification, which keeps the users apprised of password reset. Identity Manager enables you to automatically notify users via e-mail when a password change is not successful.

Our Password Manager has a configurable feature to force users change the password after admin reset and first-time account creation. This ensures that admin-provided passwords are mandatorily changed to identity specified one.

Unifyed also enables first-time users, who never had passwords, to create passwords by validating their identity on the same UI. It is further complemented by self-set-up of user’s security profile along with multi-factor authentication (security questions, email recovery, phone recovery, browser authenticator, etc.)