Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus: Building The Higher Ed Institutions of Tomorrow

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Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus: Building The Higher Ed Institutions of Tomorrow

January 3, 2018

While the web has connected the world, mobile phones are taking connectivity to the next level.
Starting from young people to adults, today, everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. As a result, students are now immersed in new age, digital learning using advanced technologies such as wearables, smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality systems, etc. This digital learning culture has not gone unnoticed, and gained the attention of academics and higher-education institutions who are responsible for creating advanced learning management systems.

While the last decade saw the emergence of mobile apps, the next wave of mobile innovation is expected to bring in new trends, such as messaging and chatbots. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, the next generation of mobile campus technologies are expected to fundamentally change the way we learning.

As students begin to spend more time on chat and messenger apps, rather than email, using mobile platforms to build new-age, digital learning environments makes a lot of sense.

Here are the top 5 advantages of implementing a mobile digital platform in the higher education sector:

  • Millennials prefer videos content and live virtual tutorials, over classroom lectures.
  • Teens show a strong preference for instant messaging, over phone conversations.
  • Learning online provides for more time related flexible, as opposed to attending fixed classroom sessions.
  • Carrying eBooks is much easier and environmentally freindly, than hard-copy editions.
  • Receiving updates via push notifications is now the fastest method of communication.

Developing a Mobile Campus, Add to Students’ Higher Ed Experience

Great digital experiences are backed by innovative communication channels and data-driven insights. To create a unique identity and attract students from all over the world, educational institutions are using mobile digital campus technology in some really cool ways. This not only helps higher education institutions better facilitate their academic mission, but also serves to distinguish themselves from those that don’t.

Apart from supporting student learning and engagement, mobile campus solutions support faculties and staff also. Both students and faculties benefit from the resulting streamlined mobile workflows and artificial intelligence.

Below are some of the key benefits that occur through digital campus life:

  • Automate campus management through IoT and optimize on-campus operations.
  • Enhance campus learning experience through location-based services, push notifications, interactive sessions, chatbots, and augmented reality.
  • Boost student success through relevant content and real-time access to mobile learning.

Make The Switch to a Digital Campus

Many universities are already using mobile digital campus solutions and student portals to provide support to their students and promote academic success. If you are interested in a mobile campus solution or are already using one and want to make a switch, consider Unifyed!

Live at 300+ Universities (US), 500+ Universities (APAC, UK, ME), selected by 35,000 Universities (India) and with 20 million users worldwide, Unifyed’s digital campus is the best solution to nurture talent. You can easily create your own apps and deploy it across the campus. The best part is, you do not have to involve advanced coding languages to create a sophisticated app.

Visit Unifyed studio and select your favorite theme from hundreds of predefined templates. Get assistance and on-time service from the most experienced professionals in the industry. Mobile campus applications built with Unifyed are amazingly user-friendly and benefit them immensely.