University Mobile Apps Are Excellent, But What About Personalization?

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June 10, 2019
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University Mobile Apps Are Excellent, But What About Personalization?

June 24, 2019

Studying in a campus where digitalization resides with perfection is what every student wants today. And, I wonder why should not they? In the era of digitalization, where technologies lessen our worries and lend a hand to get our job done with perfection, why should the education sector step back from all those blessings? I read a report sometime back which says, around 87% of the students, while applying for a college, verify if the college is technologically savvy or not. This clearly shows how young minds are not ready to settle down for anything less when it comes to their future and learning practices.

I see a lot of universities taking assistance from mobile applications these days and I think this is one of the best ways to find some big benefits in the education sector. Centralized mobile apps used by the students provide them solace in the time of urgencies. Not only this, such apps ensure access of information across the campus with ease. Surely, student engagement and involvement are going to proliferate by leaps and bounds.

But What Happened to Personalization?

How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? 10 or 20, right? But do you know how many options do you have to choose from? Android users can choose from the soaring 3.8 million apps and Apple people can pick their favorites from 2 million apps. However, we stick to the ones we need. In the same fashion, students only need those apps which can be customized per their requirements.

Analyzing student data and then comprehending tailor-made apps will be far better than incorporating apps, which are sure to see a low installation rate. To run a data-driven customization, institutions must scrutinize the student behavior and aligned urgencies in order to provide the students with an engaging experience.

Concern Areas One Must Consider While Customizing Apps

Let’s have a look at some of the areas where students would like to see customized way outs.

Academic Help – This one must be considered as a priority while personalizing the mobile apps. Inclusion of apps defining the curriculum for the different courses, tracking of the grades, registration for the courses, and important days & dates can help the students to take benefit from the proposed mobile app.

Financial Support – Digitizing tuition fee support or financial support can help students to stay clear of all the hassles and waiting time. They won’t have to take rounds to different departments to check the status of their application. One can get it at one place and as per the requirement.

Career Connect – Students would like to have an app, which can help in steering their career towards the right direction. Supporting students with the provision of job assistance and interview trainings is a beneficial way to ensure better utilization of the outlined apps.

Apart from these, mobile apps helping students in their daily routines, student accommodations, and student groups are also beneficial and per their personalized stipulations.

The Bottom Line Is

I believe students are in need of a streamlined experience, where they can get easy access to the information they are looking for without splurging their time. I see mobile apps to be one of the best ways which can help students, but at the same time, it is hard to overlook the importance of personalization in such mobile apps. Not only the personalized touch enhances the user experience, but also ensures that the purpose of incorporating the same is served. With the massive technology disruptions happening around the world, it’s important for the education sector to make the most of it. What’s your take?