Try these Strategies to Boost Up Student Retention Rates

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October 17, 2019
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November 4, 2019

Try these Strategies to Boost Up Student Retention Rates

October 25, 2019

Student enrollment is an important aspect for any university, but it is also consequential to know how to keep those students retained. Where many of us might think that the retention rates are directly affected by the interest of a student around the chosen subject, there are many other crucial factors, which must be highlighted to fight the very issue. I read a report, which stated, 1 out of 3 students in their first-year doesn’t make it to the sophomore year. This surely is a concerning number. Now, the reasons can be the lack of institutional support, family issues, lack of engagement, etc., but knowing them is a must for every university to eradicate the problem.

Let’s have a look at a few ways, one can adopt to ensure higher retention rates:

Data-driven Adaptability – We are living in the era, where every information is readily available to us with access to the latest technologies on our fingertips. Having said that, just imagine how rapidly it can bring the revolution we are seeking in the world of education. Per GlobalDMA, 49% of marketers use data to enhance customer experience. Then why can’t the education sector benefit from the same? With the availability of the data revolving around the students, better execution of student-centric plans is possible. Colleges and universities can know what kind of help must be provided to a student for better retention rates.

Technological Connect – 94% of the people in US, falling under the age group of 18-29 years have the access to smartphones. This clearly points towards the reason of shaking hands with technology when it comes to the higher education. With the involvement of innovation, students will be able to get more engaged, eventually, leading to high retention rates. For instance, an interactive mobile platform where students and the universities can communicate on the go.

Predictive Analytics – Predictive analytics is quite helpful in understanding the ongoing trends and predicting the upcoming possibilities. With the help of predictive analytics, universities can understand the problems students are facing or what are they indulging in to execute better futuristic plans.

The Bottom Line Is

With the plethora of reports directing towards the steep drop in the student retention rates, inclusion of innovative resolutions seems like a must. No college or university would like to miss on a student after just the first year, who has the potential to complete the entire course. With the help of such tools, I am sure that the students are going to benefit immensely. Not just the students, but the universities will also be able to keep the students engaged and come up with better retention rates. What do you think?