Make Your Higher Education Technology a Student Engagement Reality

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November 20, 2017
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December 18, 2017

Make Your Higher Education Technology a Student Engagement Reality

November 21, 2017

Using technology in the classroom has been a contentious topic for the last couple of years. Parents, teachers, policy makers, and students alike have weighed and argued the potential benefits versus the dangers and consequences of classroom technology, not just referring to the devices numerous students personally possess, but also when referring to the integration of tools in the everyday education experience.

We believe students and technology are a package deal. You can remain in the back of a college lecture lobby and tally the number of learners taking notes on their tablets or looking at their smartphones.

These tools, softwares and mobile apps that power them, are helpful teaching aids—if students use them as directed.

Here’s how Unifyed Mobile Digital Campus is empowering educators and students alike

Improving Retention Rates

Students who are engaged and interested in things they are studying, are expected to have better knowledge retention. Technology can help inspire active interest in the classroom which further strengthens increased knowledge retention.

With Unifyed Academics students have access to everything from grades to schedules to transcripts. With increased attention comes retention (chances of students dropping arrives go down).

Access to Content

An Educause survey found out that K-12 and higher ed want technology integrated in their curriculum. Students use smartphones, laptop, tablets etc on an everyday basis, be it at home or work. This makes them comfortable using these things to connect with other students, instructors or teachers. Further, the survey stated that 54 percent of these students would use two devices simultaneously for college work.

Unifyed Connect, a powerful online social network, enables students and staff to interact seamlessly offering access to all the essential data required on and off grounds.

Blending Learning Technology

A study by Educause stated that 75 percent of the higher ed students have experience with blended online/offline learning. This helps many institutions save/cut costs. These blended learning programs use e-books to help students get unlimited access to content. These applications further cut costs by enabling students to bolster online submission of forms.

With Unifyed CMS: 1) Students can share documents with each other 2) Universities can integrate their own particular libraries with their mobile and web systems giving unlimited access to students and teachers alike.

When we envision the classroom of the future, we envision a place where educators and technology are partners in nurturing that creative, inquisitive urge and helping harness students’ true motivations towards education

If you’re looking to incorporate more technology into your classroom get in touch with Unifyed.