Deploy Analytics To Ensure Higher Rate Of Student Success

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May 23, 2019
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Deploy Analytics To Ensure Higher Rate Of Student Success

May 28, 2019

When statistics start talking negative numbers, innovation must come to play. Negative slope on the student enrollment & retention graphs is an alarming sign for institutions to tip their hands on the benefits they can get with the inclusion of the latest technologies.

Student assessment, attrition rates, competition among institutions, and the compulsion of meeting student enrollment rates on a daily basis are some of the factors that compel the education sector to seek the help of ‘Academic Analytics’. I came across an article at Huffington Post which says, more than two-thirds of private colleges and over 50% of public colleges in the US failed to meet their enrollment or net tuition revenue targets for 2016. Quite an eye-opener, isn’t it?

With the help of ‘Analytics’, institutions can answer the real tactical questions, build processes, and make decisions that drive engagement. Analytics help decision makers determine risk, outcomes, and quantify costs associated with their decisions.

Benefits Of Analytics To Ensure Student Success

How can you solve a problem without acknowledging it? Identically, how can an institution solve problems related to student success without knowing the reasons behind them? Information unquestionably holds the utmost importance to find answers to these problems. Let’s know how

  • Tracking & analyzing student records to spot the exact help a student needs is possible with the help of analytics. It can dig deep and track the records like student attendance & student dropout rates to find favorable solutions. For example, encouraging & including student engagement activities.
  • Analytics help institutions to know their students’ participation in extra-curricular activities. It also checks the institution’s ERP to know if a student is an active member of any club, sports team, or any other group activity. This helps the management to determine if a student is healthy or need support with their day-to-day activities.
  • Knowing student progress is another highlight of analytics. It tracks students’ grades and informs the management accordingly. Students can then get help on the specific subjects or the lessons they are struggling with. Analytics can also help institutions keep a track of student performance by monitoring the student success rate.
  • Risk calculation is also achievable with Analytics. The feature helps institutions to make more valuable decisions by pointing out the problems that must be addressed on priority. All this is done with the help of data that analytics pull to enable extensive calculation of risks.

The Bottom Line Is

Analytics comes with myriad blessings and I believe it can certainly do wonders in the education sector. When decisions are backed up with data, the road to success gets easier to pave. With the help of analytics, risk determination becomes easy and eventually, the outcomes are desirable. I am sure that a focused approach like analytics is inescapable to bring a profitable change in any sector, be it education or the world of business. What do you say?