5 Reasons Why Universities Will Adopt Mobile Campus Technologies in 2018

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January 5, 2018
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5 Reasons Why Universities Will Adopt Mobile Campus Technologies in 2018

January 16, 2018

This decade has witnessed the emergence of high-end mobile campus technologies. Today, various new strategies, mobile apps, and devices are being used to engage students and enhance academic growth. Mobile campus apps and digital campus strategies are rapidly evolving and paving way for more advanced campus management systems.

In the year 2017, educational institutions got the ability to develop campus apps without coding. This year gave a preview of more sophisticated campus tactics that will be used in 2018. There will be a surge in the number of higher-ed organizations embracing mobile digital campus apps for their students, faculties, and parent.

Top Factors Behind this Change

There are various factors which led to this change. They are incredibly beneficial for the campuses. Today, both mobile and web campus solutions have greatly evolved, carrying several attractive features to engage students and provide them an efficient means to communicate with the staff, faculties, and other students.

  • Single Solution for Multiple Purposes
    A specific management strategy for one single purpose makes management of schools and colleges extremely difficult. Hence, administrators look for a single solution for multiple purposes. Mobile campus solutions empower you with all the features to manage campus, college, or any department.
  • Cloud Configuration and Storage
    Using cloud configuration, you can create the right user experience without involving your IT resources. Some providers enable you to develop and customize apps without using a coding language. You can also store the data in the cloud to get easy access as and when needed. Simply open the app and use the predefined templates to create and customize your app. You will also get an intuitive platform which enables you to go live in few hours.
  • Audience Analysis
    Mobile campus solutions have a built-in Google Analytics which enables the user to measure and track the behavior of their audiences, ROI of the app and content-tracking features (to see which content are in demand). You can use the performance metrics to quickly find a solution to a given problem and work on the areas that need improvement. This feature provides great scalability and consistency to the users.
  • Broad Functionality and Flexibility
    Most of the campus solutions have features that span the requirements of the entire campus including the staff, students, faculties, parents, and alumni. Usually, they include features such as news, events, notifications, directory, multimedia, bookstore, and so on. Some campus solutions also offer social and professional media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Good mobile campus technologies are a single-stop-solution for all campus problems.
  • Privacy
    Are you concerned about your security of transactions and interactions over the internet? Do data security and privacy matter to you? If yes, then mobile digital campus is what you should be looking for. Mobile digital solutions support end-to-end encryption and limited user access. As an administrator, you will have full control over user authentication. You can add, edit and remove users, or limit user access to ensure data security. Top-class built-in security features in a mobile campus solution make it a ‘must-have’ solution for schools and colleges.

New age technologies and campus management skills can make today’s campuses better. Both students and faculties should be equipped with campus management technologies to reduce various repetitive tasks such as marking attendance, ensuring student safety, providing study materials, etc. As a result, there will be an increase in productivity and academic success.


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