4 Questions To Know If You’re A Student-Centric Institution?

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September 12, 2019
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4 Questions To Know If You’re A Student-Centric Institution?

September 16, 2019

Increasing the retention numbers and decreasing the dropout rates are the two requisites institutions around the world must fulfil to survive the cut-throat competition. Managing the brand image while being a student-centric institution is another concern that many leading institutions face today. However, the prompting question is; how? How can an institution excel in all the areas at the same time? Do you think the sole inclusion of technology advancements in the campus can help the institutions to survive? What about listening to the needs of the student and modifying the policies accordingly?

Let’s Talk!
To ensure that students are not dropping out and enrollment rates are getting high, one must think like a student. Only then one can understand the needs and requirements of a modern student. It is not about following the traditional approaches to run an institution anymore but being open to change and thinking like a student of the generation. Shifting attention to student-centric approaches will help institutions to intensify the desired results and sustain their long-term goals. The whole process can be very challenging, however starting off by answering a few simple questions can help for good.

Question 1: Do you think you are including latest technology innovations in a way your students would like?
It ain’t any fun if ultimately your end users; students; are not able to leverage the technology inclusions and benefit from them. Do you know that today more than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, but do you think if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you will achieve the desired profit? Same is the situation, when it comes to the higher ed institutions. It is important to know how approachable you are for your students and how much sought-after information you can provide via in-app notifications or social media platforms or through your campus app. All these things will come to notice when you start thinking like one of your students.

Question 2: Do you think one-size-fits-all learning technique works?
If yes, then we must talk about it. Every student works on a different pace; hence institutions should not even consider deploying one-size-fits-all learning model. It is more about focusing on personalized learning and how well the institutions can collect student data to help them grow and succeed. Providing personalized learning sessions and related content to the students can help them have a deep understanding of the concepts and escape from the trap of surface understanding of concepts.

Question 3: How well are you bridging the communication gap with your students?
Being approachable when a student needs you should be considered as a foremost priority for any institution. Inclusion of helpdesk support system which can help students with their queries 24×7 should be encouraged. Such initiatives help students to build a bond of trust with the institution and hence, decrease the student dropout rates.

Question 4: How are you helping students with employment?
Showcasing placement scores is one of the best cards an institution can play to meet the student enrollment goals. Featuring on-campus job placement stories can attract many career-oriented students. Not only this, running placement programs and support activities also push students to be a part of your institution.

The Bottom line Is
As we progress towards enrolling the next generation of students, institutions must start taking notes on becoming a student-centric institution. A student-centric institution can provide proper guidance, results, as well as a better and personalized learning experience to the students. Meeting student expectations is a must in today’s higher ed space. What do you think?