Unifyed Student – Admit v9.9 – Release Notes

Aug 08 2020

Admit 9.9 Highlights

  • Automated tasks – Rule engine improvement: Prospect and Applicant tasks creation is improved to include new components and conditions.
  • Wild card Search Standardization: All search fields within the application are now standardized to use wild card search. This improvement implies to People Search, Advanced Filters and Search feature on all listing pages.
  • Bulk Upload Applicants: This feature will allow users to bulk create applicant records in the system. Users need to fill out an existing template (based on Calendar Type) that contains fields from the application form to create multiple records at once in the system.
  • Improved Date Filters: All date fields on the list pages, throughout the application, can now be filtered by using date pickers. Now date fields can be filtered on – Exact date, date range, After Date and Before date.
  • Cashnet Payment gateway integration: Unifyed Admit has integrated with Cashnet to have Institutes greater flexibility in terms of providing applicants through which payment gateway they wish to pay their application fees.

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com