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Unifyed Student Information System

Unifyed Student – SIS enables the registrar’ to collaborate with the faculty to plan the curriculum of the institution and offer courses for students to register into. It provides advisers with a audit view of how the student is doing so they can help students plan their course loads and graduate timely. It also enables student financial services to manage the students account and financial aid awards.




Unifyed SIS provides a complete student admissions platform to help higher education institutions in automating their entire student recruitment process. It helps in improving overall communication to engage students, derive meaningful insights, and simplify other admin tasks. It allows substantial configuration options and rules to allow users to decide how the application will work.


Course Management

Unifyed SIS includes curriculum management that helps institutions with the development of curriculum or programs for the institutions, including the framework for recommending new courses, requirements and sequence/plan (credit and non-credit). Program planning is designed to assure students can complete the program in an acceptable timeframe, and within accreditation standards


Course Catalogue

Unifyed SIS includes course catalogue feature that helps institutions list all the available courses for the students to navigate through. It refers to an online database where students can browse through all the courses and enroll in within a few clicks.


Student Records

Unifyed’s Student Records feature houses secure, centralized enrollment information on the institution and tracks student progress from enrollment through graduation. The system assists institution on the requirements of reporting enrollment data and provides them with benchmark enrollment, retention and graduation data.

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Degree Audit

Degree Audit helps mapping out the academic journey for students. Degree audit provides records of student's progress towards completing degree requirements and includes a summary of the completion of overall degree requirements (for example, common curriculum requirements, major and minor requirements, and electives), program-specific requirements, and may include multiple grade point averages (GPA’s).


Student Registration

The student registration feature enables students to register for courses at their home institution, or as a visitor at another institution, up to a total of academic semester credits, and any number of non-credit courses, in any given term across the institution.


Student Accounts

Student Accounts feature includes a comprehensive picture of each student’s account, which is comprised of current data from multiple sources. In addition to all the traditional academic, biographic and demographic data, the view provides real time analytics which measure the student’s engagement and provide an indication of the student’s risk level, as determined by a wide range of configurable factors.


Financial Aid

Financial Aid feature provides a compliant software solution to any changes happening in the state of federal regulatory framework. It is a fully configurable system to meet the optimal student experience while maintaining continued compliance, also flexible and diverse to serve the variety of students at their colleges and universities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unifyed Student – Engage is an operating system and browser independent application that can be can be accessed from any device that has a web browser and internet connection.

Since the application is highly responsive, Unifyed Student – Engage supports all screen sizes including all major mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Additionally, for native mobile experience, both Students and Faculty/Staff can install and use the app on any device running on iOS 8.1 or above and Android 4.3 or above.

I am a guest/prospective student – What features are available for me? Does it require authentication?

Yes, the Unifyed Student – Engage is easy to use with an intuitive and functional interface and has a streamlined look and feel to optimize the user experience to be used by users and management.

Yes, Unifyed rolls our monthly updates to the Unifyed Student – Engage platform. Updates to a version happens when a client chooses to implement it.

Updates to latest version of the Unifyed Student – Engage mobile are ensured through global updates by sending in-app notifications to users which can be sent by institutions app admin.

Since the application is cloud based, Unifyed ensures that the update/upgrade process does not affect up time. Hence, downtime, if any is taken during non-business hours or during weekend. Unifyed send advance notifications to clients for any scheduled downtime and takes necessary approvals before doing so.

Yes, Unifyed leverages RESTful APIs and Single sign-on for bi-directional integration between Unifyed Student – Engage and enterprise backend applications including:

  • ERP/SIS: Unifyed Student – Engage integrates with Ellucian Banner®, Ellucian Colleague®, Oracle PeopleSoft®, Jenzabar®, PowerCampus®, Campus Management® and Workday®.
  • LMS: Unifyed integrates with all major LMS systems including D2L, Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas.
  • Email: Unifyed integrates with Microsoft O365, Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.
  • CRM: Unifyed integrates with TargetX Salesforce®, Salesforce®, Ellucian® Recruit®, Technolutions Slate®, Oracle® PeopleSoft®, Campus Management® – Engage, and Workday®.

Yes, Unifyed Student – Engage has the ability to display photos and videos by leveraging the Photos and Videos apps.

Unifyed’s Photos App integrates with Institution’s Flickr (or any other Photos App) account to display the photos posted on institution’s Photo Ap account.

Unifyed’s Video App allows users to post and view videos for class and entertainment right from their mobile device. The Video app displays captioned thumbnail images that open within the mobile app.

Yes, Unifyed Student – Engage provides a GPS enabled map app for real time way finding. Using Maps App, the user will get complete navigation for the institution i.e. it shows the exact location on campus and provides direction to/ description of the various landmarks.

Users can also use the ‘Maps’ app to find out the institution’s live bus routes, bus locations, using real map photos and important physical landmarks along the way and the updates are automatically updated in real time. This app also provides:

  • GPS navigation
  • Ability to have multiple points of interest
  • Easy integration with other modules including:
    • Tours
    • Directory
    • Events
    • Courses
    • Location for event spaces and classes

Additionally, Unifyed mobile app provides out of the box integration to Google maps. Other maps like Bing maps and Apple maps can also be configured based on an institution’s request.


Unifyed Student – Engage (mobile and portal) can be easily customized with institution’s brand, logos, colors, graphics, etc.

Further, any institution will have full control on the branding of the app with access to multiple features with Unifyed Student Mobile App. Unifyed provides customization for the following interfaces of the mobile app:

    • Theme Manager:
      • Header Background
      • Header Foreground
      • Footer Background
      • Home screen Background
      • Home screen App Label
      • Sidebar Menu Item Background
      • Sidebar Menu Item Foreground
      • Sidebar Menu Group Background
    • Role based content publishing
    • Branding:
      • Background
      • Logo inside the App
      • Splash Screen
      • Launch Icon
    • App Display Order
    • App Group Mapping
    • Ability to write custom CSS
    • Sidebar Menu Group Foreground

Yes, Unifyed Student – Engage offers an Athletics App which can seamlessly integrate with any institution’s Athletics RSS feed to provide news, schedule and score update for each sport on campus including game day information, scores, results, etc.

Yes, Unifyed Student – Engage provides a News App that integrates with institutes RSS news feed or web URL to display latest campus news to users.

Unifyed Student – Engage comes with a Course Catalogue App which enables students to search for available courses on campus.

Unifyed Student – Engage provides all necessary admissions information to a prospect by integrating to institutions Admissions web page to provide information on course catalogue, campus tour, fee information, enrollment application, etc.

Yes, Unifyed Student – Engage provides a Calendar App that integrates with Google Calendar, iCAL, XML, JSON and RSS provided by any Institution.

Unifyed Student – Engage provides a Directory App which integrates with institutions directory and enables the user to:

      • Search, browse and instantly store contacts right onto their mobile device
      • Search and view services, resources and other relevant information based on student’s role/ persona
      • Send an email to a contact in Directory

Unifyed uses XML file for Directory App which can be updated/edited by the institution. These changes are automatically reflected in the Unifyed Student – Engage mobile and portal.

Yes, Unifyed Student Engage provides a Drive App which allows users to attach and upload all major file extensions like .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, etc.; along with text, HTML, PDF, MS-Word, XML; graphics, such as .gif, .jpeg, .png; audio and videos, such as .mp4, etc., and can be linked to web content created within the solution.

Yes, Unifyed Student – Engage supports integration with all major standard email applications including MS Exchange, MS O365 (ADFS and Azure) and Gmail by providing SSO to the email application.

Yes, Unifyed Student Engage provides Admin search settings that include a “Search Filter” App, comprising of search options by user Roles, and allows the portal administrator to:

      • Define search filters for end users. Only the admin-defined search filters will be visible to end users
      • Set the visibility of search preferences based on roles
      • Provide ‘auto-complete’ lists of roles, when an administrator tries to search for roles in a text box

Unifyed Student Engage mobile provides a Calendar App that integrates with Google Calendar, iCAL, XML, JSON and RSS provided by an Institution.

Additionally, Unifyed Student Engage comes with a Unifyed Studio, which has a data store feature that allows storing information such as when is the gym open, events information based on date and time, etc. on Unifyed database. This allows the Institution to create their calendar and other events right on the Studio platform if they do not have Google Calendar, iCAL, XML, JSON or RSS.