Unifyed Releases Admit CRM for Student Recruitment

Wednesday – January 9, 2019

Miami, FL

To simplify and modernize student recruitment with smart built-in analytics capability.

Unifyed, announced today the launch of its much-awaited Student Recruitment Platform, Admit, engineered to help higher education institutions in automating their entire student recruitment process. Admit supports improving overall communication to engage students throughout the recruitment cycle, derive meaningful insights, and simplify administrative tasks.

With college enrollments on the decline nationwide, the pool of college-bound students is smaller, tuition has increased, and competition between institutions is tougher than ever. These times demand a solution that can completely overhaul often repetitive and time-consuming tasks during the recruitment cycle like sending timely and contextual correspondence to all the prospective students, which in turn can lead to an engaged and responsive batch of students. Improving the experience frees up a lot of space and time for the institutions’ staff to deliver more strategic inputs.

With student recruitment season around the corner, colleges have their tasks cut out. To meet their financial metrics and keep a healthy set of potential students, with greater likelihood of academic success, our team has designed this highly responsive and innovative technology to take the work out of student recruitment” said David Meek, President, Unifyed.

Unifyed Admit capabilities:

  • Insights/Analytics: An intuitive dashboard to give you a bird’s eye view of the entire recruitment cycle, including status of each prospect, applicant, and admit based on the set-filters such as location, major, recruiter, etc.
  • Communication Plan: Create and automate rule-based communication correspondence plan for prospect, applicant, or a successful admit for each stage of recruitment cycle to engage students.
  • Cost Effectiveness: No overhead costs included. A powerful recruitment CRM with competitive pricing.
  • Integration with SIS: Unifyed Admit directly integrates with your SIS and eliminates the possibility of data duplicity. No more manual data extractions and recordings in another system!
  • Easy-to-use: Admissions made simple yet effective! With the help of easy-to-use CRM in Unifyed Admit, institutions can up their recruitment game without investing additional resources in learning and training.
  • Automatic Recruiter/Admission Counsellor Assignment: Define rules to automatically assign a recruiter or counsellor to a prospect or an applicant.
  • Student Data Repository: Collate and retrieve student data and information under one repository using manual self-service or through migration.
  • Checklist Assignment: Institutions can remind applicants to keep track of their application status using a checklist of tasks, enabling them to move on to the next stage of recruitment cycle with the help of automated and timely notifications for pending items.

Powered with the above capabilities, Unifyed Admit has all the right credentials for institutions who are looking to run targeted campaigns to engage their prospects towards a successful recruitment. Its powerful analytics engine fast-tracks decisions making for the staff and helps them select the best students who will raise the bar for their institution and help position their university in becoming an institution synonymous with excellence. For more information on Unifyed Admit, explore this.

About Unifyed

Unifyed is here to transform education by improving access to learning, increasing student engagement, and reducing institutional costs.

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