Why Unifyed

Higher Education Expertise

Unifyed products are built by Columbia University and partner institutions’ representatives through a working group process to address the unique digital transformation needs of higher education. This has led to unique features such as Unifyed App Sharing, that enables institutions to share apps amongst each other, which helps institutions avoid reinventing the wheel. This also means that as more colleges and universities select Unifyed, the ‘power of the crowd’ increases and more apps are available for the community.

Unifyed is usually 50% less expensive than, Ellucian®, Workday®, Oracle® and other leading vendors. We pride ourselves in being built “by and for higher education” and have taken considerable measures to ensure we provide solutions that are affordable and meet the budget constraints of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.

Unifyed is powered by microservices, which provides scalability, flexibility, and greater reliability in building and maintaining services. Unlike other leading higher ed technology solutions using monolithic architecture, Unifyed promotes faster development, testing and deployment cycles. As a result, Unifyed provides fault tolerant design where failures can be contained, replacements can be done easily, and higher standards & SLA can be met.

Unifyed’s AI-based products address the challenges of modern-day student requirements, like problems related to financial aid, student accounts, and registrations; resulting in better student service and experience. Unifyed has also adopted artificial intelligence to power ‘Yoda’, Unifyed’s personal assistant, to address student questions in the areas such as admissions, student financial services and student services.