Unifyed Releases Integration with Ellucian® Banner® 9

Nov 20, 2017

Unifyed, the premier student engagement and digital transformation provider for higher ed, today announced it has released integration with Ellucian® Banner® 9. This integration enables Unifyed Digital Campus clients to seamlessly access Banner® 9 from Unifyed Digital Campus.

Unifyed integration with Banner® 9 provides the following functionalities:

  • Single Sign-On to Banner® 9: Unifyed Identity enables users to single sign-on from Unifyed Digital Campus to Banner® 9. Unifyed Digital Campus clients choose to 1) connect Unifyed Digital Campus to Ellucian® Ethos® or 2) can avoid reinventing the wheel of installing and maintaining Ellucian® Ethos® because Unifyed Identity incorporates WS02®, the software that underlies Ellucian®Ethos®.
  • Unifyed Apps for Banner® 9 – Unifyed Digital Campus exposes Banner modules into Unifyed Digital Campus’ native (iOS and Andriod) and web (all browsers) interfaces. Unifyed Digital Campus apps for Banner® include:
  • Registration – Add/Drop Classes – Unifyed Registration for Banner® allows students to enroll in and to drop classes for a specific term, or semester.
  • Financial Aid: Unifyed Financial Aid Overview App for Banner® allows students to view their account summary for financial aid awards by aid year. Students can further drill down in their account to view term specific information.
  • Class Lookup: Unifyed Class Lookup App for Banner® allows students to search for classes based for a specific term and course. The App also provides class information on credits, instructor name, duration, time and location.
  • Transcripts: Unifyed Class Lookup App for Banner® enables students to view their Transcripts. Students can select their transcript type to view their transcripts per course. They can also view their total earned credits, grade points and cumulative GPA.
  • Account Summary: Unifyed Account Summary App for Banner® allows students to view their account summary for a specific term, or semester.

… and many more!

“We’re pleased to announce integration with Banner® 9.” said Dennis Thibeault, Chief Product Officer, Unifyed. “Unifyed Digital Campus clients can continue extend their investments in Banner® and enable students, faculty and staff to single sign-on and access Banner® modules from Unifyed Digital Campus on their smart devices and browsers.
Prospective clients can register for a demo or email engage@unifyed.com for further information.

Existing clients can contact their customer success manager for further information.


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