Student Information Management

  • Consolidate multiple software solutions
  • Deliver a modern user experience
  • Reduced technology investment costs

Unifyed Manage is a student information management system for higher education institutions. The solution effectively manages student-centric information, such as course offerings, course registrations, grades, curriculum, student accounts, and other vital data assets. This system allows institutions to plan, manage, and deliver a wide range of programs including admissions, course management, student records, degree audit, and more. A modern user experience empowers staff members to make data driven decisions and accomplish their goals. Institutions can consolidate multiple systems and help reduce technology investment costs.

Over 150 Institutions Globally Trust Unifyed As Their Digital Transformation Partner


Unifyed Manage has admissions capabilities that include academic calendars, configurable dashboards, prospect and applicant management, and strategic communication plans.

Course Management

Unifyed Manage has course and curriculum management capabilities that allow institutions to develop and manage their curricula. This includes a framework for recommending new courses, requirements, and program planning to ensure that students complete their programs on time.

Course Catalog

Unifyed Manage has course catalog capabilities that enable institutions to accurately display available courses. The user friendly experience allows students can browse, select, and enroll in courses with ease.

Student Record

Unifyed Manage has student record management capabilities that provides secure and centralized enrollment information. Institutions can leverage student information to track progress from enrollment through graduation.

Degree Audit

Unifyed Manage has degree audit capabilities that help map out the academic journey for students in accordance with the program structure. This includes support for managing degree requirements, curriculum requirements, major and minor requirements, electives, and program-specific requirements.

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