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Unifyed Integrate is an enterprise integration platform-as-a-service (EiPaaS) that helps institutions automate business processes by integrating enterprise application data.



Integration Engine

Unifyed Integrate includes an integration engine that takes data from a source application, transforms it, and places it in a target application.


Connector Marketplace

Unifyed Integrate includes 100s of connectors to commonly used enterprise applications such as Banner®, Colleague®, Peoplesoft®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, Office 365® and G Suite so that IT does need not to reinvent the wheel.


Data & Workflows

Unifyed’s EiPaaS facilitates the modernization of existing workflows within the cloud and between the cloud and enterprise apps including LMS, CRM, HR, and Identity.



It helps gather a bird's eye view of all records that are synced. It also allows you to resync the data on-demand. It facilitates the users to view the Change Log at a record level for audit purposes. You can also export data onto a CSV for detailed analysis as and when required. The activity log at a user level assists with any troubleshooting with access issues.

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Connection’s Monitoring

This feature helps IT administrators with downtime monitoring. The notification management feature facilitates the administrators to manage data inflow and outflow. Downtime monitor keeps a watch on the services associated with the connector and sends out an alert the moment a downtime is detected. Once activated, our servers keep a tab on unusual activity. If such a case is detected, it’ll immediately shoot a notification to alert the administrator.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a connector available which uses JDBC protocol and require a database access for reading account information from Banner (Student Information System).

We have a connector available which uses LDAPS protocol and require a service account with domain administration privileges.

Yes, we support SIS to AD real-time account provisioning.

No, BEIS would no longer be required as Unifyed shall take over complete account provisioning and deprovisioning process.

No, we do not recommend setting up default passwords on AD accounts as the same could lead to accounts getting compromised. Unifyed leverages, First Time User on-boarding process which auto generates a welcome letter and send on-boarding instructions to end users along with the ability to self-generate their own passwords, thus making process simple and yet secure.

Unifyed platform comes with Intuitive Configuration and Administration and allow administrators to define deprovisioning workflow basis their requirements. We support deleting the accounts, moving them to disabled OUs, removing network access, removing group information. Everything is possible with Unifyed.

Unifyed platform comes with Intuitive Configuration and Administration and allow administrators to define the business logic for UPN generation. System also comes with the ability to write back UPN to banner system (if needed)

Unifyed comes with in-depth reporting engine and administrators and run reports both at global level as well as at connector level. System provides detailed logs on successful v/s failed provisioning events along with detailed reasons on the failures.

Unifyed platform comes with Intuitive Configuration and Administration and allow administrators to define their own mapping rules from Banner to AD on the fly. No coding is required for attribute mapping.

  1. Send a request at [email protected]
  2. We shall send the discovery document which shall capture your current provisioning workflow
  3. Unifyed shall schedule a scoping meeting post receiving discovery documentation
  4. Your customer success rep will follow up with the statement of work