Identity and Access Management

  • Strengthen authentication and security controls
  • Provide simplified access across applications
  • Support passwordless and multifactor authentication

Unifyed Verify is a comprehensive identity and access management system for higher education institutions. The solution transforms how cloud-savvy institutions manage digital identities across their virtual ecosystem through authentication, authorization, access control, and integration. Unifyed Verify includes multiple capabilities including single sign-on, adaptive multi-factor authentication, passwordless management, and automated provisioning. Institutions can securely streamline their digital user experience while understanding engagement insights with Unifyed Verify.

Over 150 Institutions Globally Trust Unifyed As Their Digital Transformation Partner

Single Sign-On

Unifyed Verify combines single sign-on in a single platform with a single click. The solution provides increased productivity and security across multiple applications using one set of credentials or adaptive authentication. Institutions can leverage product integration with commonly used applications such as Banner®, Colleague®, Peoplesoft®, Jenzabar®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, Office 365®, and Gmail®.

Passwordless Authentication

Unifyed Verify supports passwordless authentication to allow system access without entering a password or any other knowledge-based secret. Users can verify their identities by Push Notification, Google Authenticator, Email OTP, SMS OTP, and Security Questions.

Passwordless Authentication Methods

Push Notifications

Upon a login request, the user receives a push notification on their mobile device where they can tap the prompt to authenticate.

Google Auth

Users benefit from a secure, hassle-free, and Passwordless experience by utilizing Google Authenticator for authentication.

Email OTP

Users receive a confirmation code in their email inbox that they use for authentication.


Users receive a confirmation code on their mobile device that they use for authentication.

Security Questions

Users must provide answers to the security questions in order to successfully authenticate.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Unifyed Verify supports adaptive MFA to intelligently assess the risk associated with each user interaction. By analyzing and recognizing normal user patterns, Adaptive MFA requests less information, allowing users to continue their tasks uninterrupted.

Smart Password Manager

Smart Password Manager changes the entire process of password reset for end-users. Set preferred defined security questions and recovery options, set global parameters for password expiry notifications, integrate with multiple Active Directories, and access real-time reports and analytics.

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