Student Engagement & Success Management

  • Optimize communication with students
  • Improve student engagement and retention
  • Integrate with information technology systems

Unifyed Engage is a student engagement and success management system for higher education institutions. The solution helps schools to effectively engage and communicate with students. A modern user experience gives students access to key information and helps them stay engaged with the campus community. The personalized experience also provides notifications and interactive content. Institutions can publish secure content and enable easy access to tools like learning management systems, financial aid information, and more. Integration with student information systems brings everything together in one place.

Over 150 Institutions Globally Trust Unifyed As Their Digital Transformation Partner

Academics & Finance

Unifyed Engage enables students to access their classes and schedules online. Integration with popular third-party applications like Canvas® to Blackboard® and Banner® to Peoplesoft® allows for housing, billing, payment, and financial information to be displayed.

Messages & Notifications

Unifyed Engage includes an omnichannel targeted messaging system that supports push notifications, in-app notifications, SMS, and email. Students receive timely reminders for important dates, grade notifications, and other tasks that need to be completed.


Groups enable users to create an interactive community for student organizations, committees, or clubs. Group members with access rights can share documents, access contact information, run events, and more. There are a number of configuration options to support both public and private groups.

Unifyed Connect

Unifyed Connect assembles a campus-wide feed that displays interest-based content. Students, faculty, and staff can select their preferred interests from a vast range of options. In accordance with the user’s preferences and interests, Connect Applet will display relevant posts to that specific user.


Students can send, receive, and approve connections to participate in direct messages with their peers, faculty, and staff. Users can set their preferences on who can search for them within the chats or even opt-out of chats completely. The feature also allows members of a particular group, committee, club, or organization to communicate with each other directly.

Profanity Filter and Flagged Content

The Group Chat, Personal Chat, and Campus Feed via Unifyed Connect has profanity filter in place. The filter contains more than 3,500 words, phrases, and permutations of phrases. This filter blocks posts containing flagged words or profanity from going live. Each institution can manage its profanity library to allow or disallow words as their policy dictates.

Content Management

Unifyed Engage includes content management capabilities without the need for complex coding or technical expertise. Institutions can independently build pages and allow access to content based on rights in the system.

Artificial Intelligence

Unifyed Engage includes Yoda, a chatbot, that helps users through an artificial intelligence enabled experience. Yoda enables users receive answers to common questions and can be accessed in multiple ways by users.

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