Enterprise Application Integration

  • Deliver real-time data integration
  • Simplify application provisioning
  • Support for API and RDMS-based integrations

Unifyed Integrate is set of enterprise integration services that help institutions automate business processes by integrating essential enterprise application data from source to destination.

Over 150 Institutions Globally Trust Unifyed As Their Digital Transformation Partner

Integration Engine

Unifyed Integrate includes an integration engine that collects data from a source application, transforms it, and places it in a target application. Data from varied sources, platforms (Active Directory, LDAP, OpenLDAP, etc), and ERPs are integrated using the platform. It also supports Data being read using APIs and data can be pushed to the destination systems using APIs.

Role-Based Access Control

The Role-Based Access Control ability enables you to give the right set of privileges to the right user & manage them centrally. Admins can choose to give different levels of access depending on the role of a user.

Insight and Reporting

Gather a comprehensive report on all records that are synced and the ability to resync the data on-demand with Unifyed Integrate insights. It enables the users to view the Change Log at a record level for audit purposes. Users can export data onto a CSV for detailed analysis as and when required. Furthermore, the activity log at a user level assists with any troubleshooting with access issues.

Connection Monitoring

The Connection Monitor detects an oncoming downtime on the connector and sends out an alert as soon as it occurs. Once activated, our servers keep a tab on unusual activity and if occurred, shoot a notification to alert the administrator. Additionally, the notification management feature facilitates the administrators to manage data inflow and outflow.

Connector Marketplace

Institutions can leverage the vast library of connectors to commonly used enterprise applications, such as Banner®, PeopleSoft®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, and G Suite.

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