Unifyed Announces Password Reset For IT Helpdesk Agents

Mar 16, 2018

Chicago, IL – Mar 16, 2018: Unifyed, the premier student engagement and digital transformation provider for HigherEd today announces the launch of Unifyed Password Reset for IT Helpdesk Agents.

20% of all IT helpdesk calls is related to resetting passwords (that reside in the Active Directory). Providing Active Directory access to IT Helpdesk agents, the training needed to navigate through its complex interface and sensitivity of the data in the Active Directory pose severe challenges to campuses. Unifyed Password Reset for IT Helpdesk Agents solves to this challenge and allows agents to reset passwords from the Unifyed admin user interface.

  • Instant Password Resets From The Admin User Interface: Helpdesk agents can reset passwords from the Unifyed admin console that provides a simple, intuitive user interface. The process becomes delightfully simple and secure.
  • Empowers Institutions To Validate User Identity: Institutions can set the parameters they need to validate a user (security questions, email) and can be used at the time of password resets from the Unifyed admin user interface.

“We are glad to announce that Unifyed can help IT Helpdesk agents to reset Active Directory passwords without having to actually access the AD. This not only eliminates a lot of technical complexity, need for training agents to navigate through the AD, but also makes it extremely simple and secure to accomplish with just a few clicks.”, said Dennis Thibeault, Chief Product Officer, Unifyed.

Existing clients can contact their customer success manager for further information.