Unifyed Engage (v.8.4.0): New Features and Enhancements to Improve Student Success

Feb 14, 2019

Unifyed is excited to announce the release of Unifyed Engage (v.8.4.0). This version provides exciting new features along with updates, enhancements and bug fixes to deliver the best-in-class product experience. At Unifyed, our teams are committed to continually enhancing and evolving our products to anticipate and meet the constantly changing needs of institutions. Now searching a new course along with its corresponding details is no more a tedious task with our new Course Catalog App. An entirely new dedicated app makes accepting financial aid awards easier. Besides few critical fixes, this release supports most browsers, OSs, and devices and additionally, confirms to WCAG standards – levels A & AA.

Explore the latest developments in Unifyed Engage – new features and enhancements to help ensure you’re never left behind on the path to success.

New Features:

Course Catalog App
An app that helps students in searching courses with the all requisite details from the institution’s Course Catalog including: Term, Subject and Location, etc. On selecting, a student will be routed to detailed page where he/she will see complete details like: Term ID, Course title, Days the course is available on, etc.

Financial Aid Award Acceptance – Banner
This app empowers all Banner client institutions to seamlessly accept the financial aid award.
Maps – Navigation Support
This new map navigation feature works with Google Maps. Constituents can easily navigate and find their way in and around the campus or any of its corresponding building. If no maps app is installed, the user is directed to install Google Maps.
Athletics App with Sidearm Support
This new app extends user’s ability to view news, schedules, and scores exported directly from Sidearm Sports. It will enable user to view news/content in the form of images, title, short description, and date. Upon clicking, users are route to explore in-depth news about the games as per desired interest.


Search Users by Name
The new enhancement extends the user’s ability to search for another user’s email address by their ‘name’. This capability will be available on the messaging audience selection screen as well as when upgrading admin rights for a user.

First Time User Flow
This enhancement provides the users with the ability to customize connect posts–the feed–based as per preferences and relevance.
Unifyed Protect – A Campus Safety App
Now, ‘terms and conditions’ section is easily configurable. Add college name in terms and conditions!
Email Enhancement
Any tenant can easily define and control which email address should be displayed; “From” email. Along with email template auto displaying tenant’s app name.
Download Links
With this enhancement, download links to Android and iOS apps will automatically be added to emails which will be sent to the guardians as ‘invites’.

Bug Fixes:

Messaging UI
Messaging UI issues have been fixed. Now, audience selection is easier and all email notifications will display the text first and images later.

Crop Functionality
Now cropping the image before you upload is a whole lot easier! We have made it seamless. Earlier, the crop border was white and used to merge with the background of the canvas.

iPhone X Fix
The users will be treated with a better experience; as the app now supports the phones with a notch, unlike earlier, where a narrow bar was appearing on iphone X which was visually not appealing.

Unifyed Protect
Previously, many users would complain once they disable user tracking, tracking, it would immediately stop for the guardian, however, users were still seeing it as ‘enabled’. Now, after the update, the tracking is stopped, the user goes back to initiate tracking screen.

WCAG Compliance

This release (v.8.4.0) complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which are developed with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally. It confirms to A & AA success levels, which are a prime indicator that all our products share superior quality standards. The following new apps conform to both the levels: Course Catalog App.

The release (v.8.4.0) is also compliant to WCAG conformance levels: A & AA; following new apps conform to both the levels:

  • Course catalog app
  • Maps
  • Athletics App
For more detailed information about supported browsers and mobile devices, click here.