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Unifyed Student – Apps offers a wide range of applications designed to engage prospects, students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These can be selected and enabled by the administrator at the institution from an app store available within Unifyed Student – Engage. Institutions can create and publish applications using pre-built templates from Unifyed’s app store or select pre-built applications that already integrate with existing applications such as Banner®, Colleague®, PowerCampus®, Jenzabar®, Campus Management®, Oracle® Peoplesoft®, Workday®, Blackboard®, Canvas®, Brightspace®, G Suite®, Microsoft® Office 365® and others. Institutions can also get search what apps are being used by other Unifyed users and get them with a single click of a button. There are hundreds of apps currently available in the app store including Attendance Tracker, Wayfinding, Marketplace, Rentals, Classroom Availability, Classroom Emergency, Food Ordering, Give To, Student Safety, Registration, Account Summary, Grades, Financial Aid, Schedule, Transcripts, Holds, Order Uber/Lyft, Shuttles, Bulletin Board, Jobs, Messaging, and Wallet.

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