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Bridge your cloud and on-premises applications through AD Provisioning that makes onboarding and offboarding seamless. Reliable resource management, dynamic and state roles, and time-bound access provide the right authority to permit or revoke user accounts as needed. Eliminate unauthorized access and leverage orphan account management while saving costs.

Unifyed Identity Flow
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Predefined Connectors
Predefined Connectors
Birthright Provisioning
Birthright Provisioning
Insights & Analytics
Insights & Analytics
Multi-level workflows
Multi-level workflows
Configuration and Management
Configuration and Management
Integration through multiple sources
Role-Based Access Control
Role-Based Access Control
Automated Provisioning


Unifyed Identity Automated Provisioning ensures reliability and efficiency across your institution through benefits that serve you in the long run.   

  • Improve productivity and efficiency 
  • Cost-efficiency  
  • Scalability 
  • Easy tracking and Auditing  
  • Assured Compliance 
  • Transparency  

Essentials Beyond Provisioning

A complete suite of IAM Solutions alongside Provisioning

Passwordless Authentication

Unifyed Identity supports passwordless authentication to allow system access without entering a password or any other knowledge-based secret. Users can verify their identities by Push Notification, Google Authenticator, Email OTP, SMS OTP, and Security Questions.

Passwordless Authentication Methods

Push Notifications

Upon a login request, the user receives a push notification on their mobile device where they can tap the prompt to authenticate.

Google Auth

Users benefit from a secure, hassle-free, and Passwordless experience by utilizing Google Authenticator for authentication.

Email OTP

Users receive a confirmation code in their email inbox that they use for authentication.


Users receive a confirmation code on their mobile device that they use for authentication.

Security Questions

Users must provide answers to the security questions in order to successfully authenticate.

Single Sign-On

Unifyed Identity offers single sign-on with one click, boosting productivity and security across apps. Leverage integrations with Banner®, Colleague®, Peoplesoft®, Jenzabar®, Canvas®, Blackboard®, Office 365®, and Gmail®. etc. for seamless access. 

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Unifyed Identity supports adaptive MFA to intelligently assess the risk associated with each user interaction. By analyzing and recognizing normal user patterns, Adaptive MFA requests less information, allowing users to continue their tasks uninterrupted.

Smart Password Manager

Smart Password Manager streamlines password resets: Set security Q&A, manage expiry, integrate with ADs, & gain real-time insights.

Single Sign On