Unifyed Student – Engage v9.9 – Release Notes

Jul 08 2020

Engage 9.9 Highlights

  • Inappropriate Content Management: The Connect users can now flag posts/comments/replies as inappropriate. Necessary action can then be taken by the tenant admin in regard to the flagged content.
  • Hiding Items on Portal & Mobile Independently: Various items on the left navigation bar can now be set independently for mobile & portal, i.e. you may hide an item from the portal’s left bar and still have it on the mobile’s menu.
  • Upload Files to Shared Folders: Now a user, with whom a folder has been shared, can also upload a file onto that folder.
  • Chat | Custom Group Creation & Management on Mobile: Now, custom chat groups can be created through mobile as well. Other management operations such as addition of users, removal of users etc. can also be performed.
  • Email Sender’s Info Placement: Now, we have the privilege of setting the position of the Sender’s Info (that can be added to an email). It can either be placed at the bottom left or at the top left.

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com