Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Engage v9.6

Saturday – April 25, 2020

Unifyed Student – Engage | Release v9.6

New Features

Staff Directory Applet

A new applet Staff Directory has been released for Unifyed Engage users. This applet has information stored for all the staff of the school. A student can search for the information of staff such as an email address, telephone number, department, campus etc.


Secondary Email

Messaging Admins or Tenant Admins can now send messages to the secondary email of the users. To achieve this, the Messaging Module has been enhanced to include users’ secondary email address as a channel just like other Messaging Channels.


Events Notifications

The Events module has been enhanced to send push notification to the users. The push notification will be delivered in different scenarios such as when an Event is edited, bookmarked or invitation for an Event has been sent.


AD/Portal Groups Member Information

Tenant and Studio admin with relevant permissions can view the display name, email address and ID (if stored in the database) of the group members. You can also search for the members based on their name, email address and ID.


Role Based Messaging Template

From this release, the time stamp on O365 has been made to work dynamically. So, if a user moves from one-time zone to another then, O365 would display the time stamp on emails depending on his current time zone.


Improvements to Unifyed Groups Template

From this release, Unifyed Groups Template has been enhanced to store all the information including formatting, page content, applets used etc from its base group.


Profanity Filter in Connect Comments

Profanity filter has been enhanced to apply to comments in Connect post. Now, when users try to post a profane word (which is listed in the Profanity directory) in their comment, they will not be able to do so and will be advised with a warning message to remove the objectional word from their comment.


Connect Push Notification

Connect module has been enhanced to send push notification to mobile and portal for any new post, edited post or comment on the post.


Special Characters in Applet

This enhancement allows tenant admins to include special characters in applets’ names. Parenthesis “()” and Dash “-” are allowed as when naming/renaming the applet.

About Unifyed

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