Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Engage v9.4

Monday – February 17, 2020

Unifyed Student – Engage | Release v9.4


Event Attendance

Event Attendance feature allows users to mark attendance for an event either manually or QR basis. When creating an event, at the second stage of event creation, users can define if the attendance for that event will be captured on QR basis on manually.


Increased Document Upload Limit

The file upload limit has been increased to a maximum of 30 MBs per file from previously set 7 MBs per file. However, the maximum limit of multiple files upload is still 30 files at a time in Unifyed Engage My Drive.


Search on My Drive

Unifyed Engage has upgraded the Drive app with the search feature. Users can now search for folder and files from within the drive. The search works on both shared/own files & folders.


Hiding Group Information

Unifyed Group admins now have more control over the group and the information that appears in under header section of a group. Group Admins can now hide/unhide the header section and ‘Hide Group Info’ option of Unifyed Groups.


Managing ‘Override User’s Notification Preferences’

“Override User’s Notification Preferences” is now RBAC driven. Tenant admins can control the availability of this option from Messaging > Create screen. By default, the “Override User’s Notification Preferences” option will be hiding for all users.


Role Based Landing Pages

Admins can define an app’s landing page so that users based on their roles/groups land on the right page that have been assigned to. Admin has the right to define a specific landing page for a specific group of users from Settings > Landing Page.


Group Admins Studio Access Enabled

Administrators of Unifyed groups (irrespective of their tenant admin rights) can now have access to the Studio option only specifically to that group/project they are administrators of. Previously, only a group admin who is also a tenant admin, could view the studio option.


Connect Enhancements

The connect categories that are shown to a user in the preferences are based on the groups that the user is a member of, and groups the connect category is targeted to. This also holds true when viewing/selecting categories during posting a message from Connect Audience.

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