Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Engage v9.3

Thursday – January 16, 2020

Unifyed Student – Engage | Release v9.3

New Features

Page Template

Tenant admins & the Studio admins with relevant permissions can save the page as a template which can be re-used later while creating a new page. A Page Template inherits the structure, design, formatting and content from the existing page.


Auditing Content

This feature gives Studio Admins the ability to filter records by ‘used’, ‘created by’ & ‘last updated’. Also, the numbering of the items has been replaced with checkboxes allowing studio admins to assign (transfer the same set of permissions) or delete multiple content items to another individual.


Distributed Authorship of Pages

The page owner can give page-related permissions to other users including studio/tenant admins. The page-specific permissions defined on the page permissions screen overrides any existing permission set for that page by RBAC.


Withdrawing from an Event

Events app has been enhanced to allow you to withdraw from registered events. A user is now able to withdraw from an entire event as well as from individual event sessions. Withdrawing from an event moves the event to the Explore section to allow re-registration.


Google Maps Integration with Events Applet

To enhance the address search functionality in Events applet, Unifyed Engage has integrated Google Maps APIs to Events. Now, the address bar auto-populates the addresses searched in the events.


Targeting & Locking Connect Categories

Studio Admins can now assign and target specific Connect categories to a group of users so that the users do not have to manually opt-in for those categories. Also, tenant admins can lock the connect categories so that the users cannot opt-out of them.


Events UI Enhancements

This enhancement freezes the header of the Events app giving its users a better experience. Events admins can now get information regarding the total number of registrations done for an event and the remaining number of seats for the same event as well.

About Unifyed

Unifyed is here to transform education by improving access to learning, increasing student engagement, and reducing institutional costs.

Unifyed is a pioneer in higher education software and serves over 750 colleges and universities across seven countries.

Unifyed builds beautiful and easy-to-use solutions designed to help partner colleges and universities recruit, engage, educate, retain and graduate 21st century students.

Unifyed delivers affordable and flexible solutions in partnership with the higher education community that are AI-first, microservices-based, and cloud-native.

Prospective customers can book a demo or email engage@unifyed.com for further information. Existing customers can email their Customer Success Managers or unifyedcs@unifyed.com for further information.