Unifyed Announces General Availability of Engage v12.12

Thursday – Jan 4, 2024

Unifyed Engage 12.12


The following applets have been updated with new enhancements and/or resolved defects:

  • Community Drive
  • Study Buddy
  • My Drive
  • Unifyed Group

To update an applet:

  • Click on ‘Studio’ from the Profile dropdown on the right.
  • Click on ‘App Manager’ from the new navigation bar that appears on the left.
  • Click on ‘Unifyed Appstore’.
  • Click on ‘Save’ for all the applets that you wish to update.
  • Close the window and click on ‘Publish’ present in the top right corner.


Community Drive File Sharing

Users can now share files uploaded to Private and Restricted groups with users that are not members of that group. In certain cases, users within a Private or Restricted group may wish to enable access to specific files for members of other groups, or for the general public. The goal of this option is to allow for the dissemination of valuable resources beyond closed groups when that’s desired, amplifying information sharing among students and faculty.

Unifyed Groups Grouping & Sorting

Users can now utilize enhanced grouping and sorting functions on user and user group listings within Unifyed Groups. The improved sorting mechanisms streamline navigation and organization and provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience.


MyDrive – Open file in new tab

Users can now open files from MyDrive in a new tab. This improvement optimizes workflow efficiency, allowing users to seamlessly navigate through their documents without disrupting their current work context. Users can also now sort by the “Modified by” column in MyDrive. This optimizes file organization and retrieval, boosting efficiency in file management.

Studio Activity Logs

Administrative users can now see the file name in Studio Activity Logs for delete activities. This enhancement provides users with clearer activity logs for improved logging and tracking within the system.

Sorting by Category

Users can now take advantage of improved sorting in category listings. This enhances navigation and organization, facilitates easier access to categorized content and streamlines user interaction within the platform.

Study Buddy search improvement

Users can now search by full name in Study Buddy, enhancing the discoverability of peers within Engage.

Chat improvement

Users can now hover their cursor over messages in Chat, providing contextual information and enhancing the overall messaging experience.

Accessibility Compliance

Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG 2.1 AA.

Supported Browser & Devices

This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices  
Device Operating System
Android Version 10
iPad Version 13.1
iOS Version 12 and Above
Supported Browsers  
Browser Version
Chrome 84.0.4147.89 & above
Edge 84.0.522.48 & above
Firefox 79.0 & above
Safari 12.0 & above

About Unifyed

Unifyed is a pioneer in higher education software and serves over 150 colleges and universities around the world. Unifyed partners with colleges and universities to deliver affordable solutions that help recruit, engage, educate, retain and graduate 21st century students.

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