Unifyed Student – Engage v10.0 – Release Notes

Sep 25 2020

Engage 10.0 Highlights

  • Re-trigger FTU Flow: An admin can now make the users go through the FTU flow when desired, so as to bring new Connect categories to everyone’s knowledge.
  • My Drive | Files & Folders Sharing: My Drive can now be used to share files & folders with members of various groups.
  • Export Terms of Use: There is now a way to determine how many users have acknowledged the terms of use. A report specifies the users, along with the time stamp as to when the terms were accepted by them.
  • Chat | Sending Message: Now, the ‘Enter’/’Return’ button can be used to directly send a message. ‘Shift+Enter’ may be used to break the line.
  • Customizable Number of Posts: An admin can now specify the number of posts to be shown by default and/or on each ‘Load More’ click.
  • Unifyed Group | Search Groups: While creating or editing a Unifyed Group, an admin can now search for various AD/Portal/SG groups.
  • Messaging | Bulk Users Upload: A messaging admin can now add several target users at once through a CSV file upload.

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com