Unifyed Student – Engage -Release Notes 9.7

May 30 2020

Unifyed Release Notes for Unifyed Student – Engage, a Campus Portal & Campus Mobile solution for Higher Education. This release provides information on the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in each release.

New Features

App Development

With this release, Unifyed has integrated to following apps:

  • Jenzabar
    • Grade
    • Schedule
    • Transcripts
    • Add/Drop Classes
    • Courses


Non-Group Members’ Right to Post in Connect

Before this release, a user who was a member of a Public Unifyed Group was able to post in Connect of the Group even after leaving that group. However, from now on, if users leave a Public Unifyed Group, they would only be seeing Group Name, Description and Image. Upon joining the Group, a user would be able to perform any action within the Group.

Connect Category for Posting in Groups

Before this release, when creating a post from within a Unifyed Group, the users are required to select the only category (sg-group name) listed. From this release, this feature has been improved and the only category of the Group comes auto-selected in Connect during creatinga post. Also, there is no add icon for selecting more Connect categories because a Unifyed Group will always have single category to post in.

Note: You are required to get the updates for Connect from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Removing Disabled Connect Categories

From this release, a Connect Category Admin would only see the category that he is the admin of and the disabled categories (grayed-out) will no longer be visible to him when creating a new post in Connect. Previously, Category Admin was seeing every disabled category in grayed-out form.

Note: You are required to get the updates for Connect from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Manage Content & Widgets Page Synchronization

Manage Content and Site Content page of Widget have been synchronized with this release. Both pages now have similar design and the gaps between their functionalities have been filled.

On Studio > Content > Manage Content section:

  • Checkboxes have been introduced to select multiple component(s). This is similar to what we have on Studio > Widget > Site Content page.
  • The Edit & Delete options have been moved next to the search bar. You can edit only 1 component at a time but can delete multiple elements in one. First you must select the checkbox against the element you want to perform an action to.

Note: No changes have been done toStudio > Widget > Site Content page.

Opt-In/Out of Connect Push Notifications

This enhancement gives a user the control to opt-out of Connect notifications per category. Users can now decide for which category they want the push or in-app notifications. Profile > My Interest section has been altered to achieve the functionality to Subscribe a Category, Choose for Push notification and/or Alert (in App) notifications.

  • Select the checkbox from Follow against a category to subscribe for it. The functionality remains the same as how it was before the upgrade to My Interest section.
  • Select the checkbox from Push against a category to receive the push & in-app notifications for the same category.

The same can be managed from My Interest on mobile as well.
Note: You are required to get the updates for Profile, Connect, Notification & RBACsettings from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Connect Notification Redirection

Unifyed Connect & Notification Center both have been elevated to redirect users to a post from this release. Now, clicking on the In-App Notification regarding Connect on your mobile device would redirect you to the respective area/section of that post in the mobile. Similarly, by clicking any notification from Notification Center would redirect you to the respective area/section of that post in the Portal.

  • Toggled ON: Applet/Group/Page is shown on the native mobile app who have access via RBAC.
  • Toggled OFF: Applet/Group/Page is NOT shown on the native mobile app

Note: You are required to get the updates for Connect, Notification Center & RBACsettings from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

Apps Segregation in App Manager

Unifyed App Store design has been improved to give its users a better experience. The new design also enhances the usability of the App Store. Previously, there was no categorization available in the system for different applets for LMS and ERP such as Banner, PeopleSoft, BlackBoard etc.

With this enhancement, the applets have been further categorized based on the ERP and LMS they belong to.

Increased Image Upload Limit in Connect

The Connect module has been enhanced to accept images up to 10 MBs in size. The system would throw an error if an image exceeding the defined limit of 10 MBs is being uploaded in Connect.

Note: You are required to get the updates for Connect from Studio > AppStore to utilize this enhancement.

SMS Character Limit Increased

From this release, now user able to enter text up to 1000 characters in Messaging > SMS module.

Turning-On Override User Preferences by Default

Messaging module has been upgraded to make “Override user’s notification preferences?” option configurable for a tenant. During the Messaging module configuration, the tenant admins can
whether the “Override user’s notification preferences?” toggle needs to be turned on by default or not.
A new checkbox named – ‘Override Preferences’ has been introduced on the configuration page of Messaging applet and just above the ‘Automated Alerts’ checkbox on the ‘Setup’ popup of the Messaging module.

  • If this is checked, the ‘Override user’s notification preferences?’ toggle must be TURNED ON by default.
  • If this isn’t checked, the ‘Override user’s notification preferences?’ toggle must be TURNED OFF by default.

Email Address to be Displayed in a Single Line

On the Mobile environment, a user’s email address (placed under Profile) used to appear in multiple lines. The design has been modified to accommodate the long email addresses in a single line.

Folders for Managing Images

Manage Image section has been enhanced to give the users better and improved design to organize and upload images. From this release, Unifyed Engage users can create folder, sub-folder up to 3 levels and upload images to those folders.
Once you are in Studio > Content > Manage Image, you would see a modernized design giving you some new and exciting features.

  1. A section at the left top corner displays the total number of folders (including sub-folders) and images present in the image library.
  2. You can upload the images directly to a folder by clicking the Upload button and following the simple steps after that. Or, you can upload images to default Root folder and move the files later.
  3. Add new folders by clicking the Add Folder button. To create a sub-folder, select the existing folder in which the sub-folder to be created and then click Add Folder button. You can name the folder during folder creation. You can create up to a maximum of 3 levels of folder. The Root folder is a by default folder and all the folder exists under the Root folder.
  4. You can move images from one folder to another from Move Files button. Move Files button is by default grayed-out unless you select an image for moving. You can move the multiple files at a time.
  5. Rename files and folder by clicking Rename button.
    • Renaming a Folder – Select the folder to be renamed, then click Rename button and enter the name.
    • Renaming a File – Select the file (there will be a tick mark on it) to be renamed, then click the Rename button and enter the name.

    Note: You can either rename a file or a folder at one time.

  6. You can delete multiples files at a time and folders
  7. On the left side of the Manage Images pages, list of folders and sub-folders appear.
  8. A breadcrumb appears at the top of the list of appears. You can navigate from here to previous folders.
  9. Information of the image appears once you have selected an image.

New Connect

Connect has been uplifted with more features, improved design, user-friendly approach and catchy style. New representation of Connect, clearly and concisely speaks of its features.

  1. New Connect Post:

When a user (having permissions to post in Connect) posts in a Connect category(s), the audience of that category(s) would receive the push notification regarding the post. It is sent to both mobile and portal. The push notification will have a title and body e.g.
Title – New Connect Posts
Body – One of your categories has a new post from .

  1. Dropdown category filtering of Connect post has been replaced with icon. You can choose a category by selecting a radio button. There is no change in the functionality here. You can either filter for a single category or choose All.
  2. The selected category will be visible with a cross icon to remove them.
  3. Like and Comment buttons are highlighted along with their corresponding icons.
  4. You can give your post a title which will always be bold. This is a mandatory field.
  5. There is an editor available for rich content which appears as you type the description of the post. You can Bold, Italicize, Underline, Strikethrough your post and insert emojis to it. Window shortcuts are also applicable for the given editing options.
  6. You can now have a background to your post. Choosing a background color would automatically adjust its font color.
  7. Attach images to your post by clicking the Photos icon. You can also add Description and URLs to the attached images. Image upload limit is 10 MBs with png and jpg being the allowed formats.
  8. Now you can only select enabled categories when creating a post. You can search for a category by clicking plus icon and remove the category by clicking the cross icon.
  9. A new feature of attached documents to Connect post has been introduced with this release.
  10. You can attach multiple documents to your post including different formats such as pdf, doc and excel. To remove an attachment, you can click the delete icon.
  11. Likes on a post have a thumbs up icon. Clicking the thumbs up icon pops-up the list of people who have liked that post.
  12. Similarly, to know the comments on a post, click the Comments icon for that post.

Note: New Connect is available only for the clients who are using new Engage mobile framework. It is not usable for clients who are still using old LGK framework. Please upgrade to new Engage mobile framework to utilize and enjoy our new Connect feature.

Bugs & Fixes

Posts with % Sign Disappears from Connect
An issue reported wherein the % sign was causing posts to disappear from Connect has been fixed. A post having % sign in it, when posted in Connect channel via Messaging module, was not visible in Connect. This issue has now been fixed.

Issue with My Drive when Dropped on Pages
There was an issue reported with My Drive applet does not work when dropped on a page. This issue has been fixed and you can use My Drive as a widget on a page with all it functionalities.

Accessibility Compliance
Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

Supported Browser & Devices
This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices
DeviceOperating System
iPad RetinaiOS 10.3.3
iPhone 6iOS 12.1.2
Nexus 5xAndroid 8.1.0
iPhone XiOS 12.1.2
One Plus 6Android 9
Samsung GalaxyAndroid 9
iPhone Xs MaxiOS 12.1.2
iPhone 11 ProiOS 13.1.1
Supported Browsers
DeviceOperating System
Chromeversion 68-71
Safariversion 12
Firefoxversion 55-64
Internet Explorer (Edge)latest version

About Unifyed

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