Unifyed Student – Admit v9.8 – Release Notes

Jul 04 2020


  • RBAC: Unifyed Student – Admit now gives access to create User Groups and manage permissions for employees assigned to these groups. Admit comes with certain standard user groups such as Recruiter and Counselor
  • Incoming Email/SMS Widget and Notifications: Recruiters and Counselors can now track incoming emails and SMS from the dashboard widget. In-app notifications and email notifications can also be configured for incoming messages
  • Test Score Improvements on Prospect/Applicant form: Test score section is now linked with Checklist items of type – Test. Admit can capture multiple scores for a test and calculate the applicable Test score. Tests can now be configured to allow self-reporting of scores by the prospect/applicant
  • Program Table Improvements: Admit now allows a Program to be associated with multiple Award/Major/Minor/Concentration/Certificate combinations. This will help users to create programs with all available selections in a single configuration action
  • Applicant Bulk Update: Bulk update feature on applicant records is now available for updating Financial Award fields
  • Multiple Recruiters/Counselors Auto Assignation: Multiple Recruiters and Counselors can now be assigned to a single criterion. Two new roles – Secondary Recruiter and Secondary Counselor are now added to list of standard roles. This provides users to create teams of users to work on assigned records. Smart assignments are run by a powerful Round Robin algorithm

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com