Unifyed Student – Admit v10.1 – Release Notes

Oct 26 2020

Admit 10.1 Highlights

  • Payment type Checklist Item: Institutes can now create a Payment type checklist item and assign to applicants. These items can be configured to be dependent on a Decision or to be independent of one. Now, customers can collect various sorts of payments from the applicants.
  • Customized Bulk Upload Processes: Administrative Users can now define the fields that appear on the template of bulk upload prospect and applicants. Bulk Update of Applicants is also improved, as all the fields are now available for a user to be chosen to be part of the template.
  • Nelnet Payment gateway Integration: Admit is now integrated with Nelnet as a payment gateway vendor. Customers can now choose Nelnet as a mode of payment for the applicant payments.
  • Create Prospect API: Admit system can now integrate with other systems and create prospects through an API. Integrating systems will need to invoke the Admit prospect Create API with input data passed in the request structure. Once the process is completed, the API would return a response code of either success or failure.
  • New Short codes in Checklist notifications: User can select three new short codes while defining checklist status notifications. These short codes are designed to communicate effectively the status of checklist items.

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