Unifyed Student – Admit v10.0 – Release Notes

Sep 25 2020

Admit 10.0 Highlights

  • Auto Merge Duplicate Records: Institutes can now enable Auto-merge duplicates option to automatically merge duplicate records in the system.
  • Customized Application Export: Admin Users can now schedule custom application export jobs. These jobs when run, will extract the desired applications based on the criteria defined and the user will have an option to export only the desired fields.
  • Customized Application Import: Admin Users can now schedule custom application import jobs. These jobs when executed, will read a source file from a source destination on SFTP server location. User will be able to configure the SFTP server location from which the file will be picked up. User must define the format of the input file, the sequence of fields which it should read and process the file
  • Data access by Calendar Type: While setting up an Employee record (on the Employee page), the access granted to a specific calendar type(s) will now dictate the data that Employee can see. Logged in user will only see data of the Calendar Type associated with the user.
  • Set up screen for Email scanning and integration: Users with appropriate access, will have a UI to set up employee email IDs for scanning and integrate mailboxes with Admit.

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