Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Admit v9.6

Saturday – April 25, 2020

Unifyed Student – Admit | Release 9.6

Unifyed Release Notes for Unifyed Student – Admit, an admissions & recruitment CRM for Higher Education. This release provides information on the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in each release.

New Features

Decision Communication – PDF Document

Decision Tasks for Applicants have been enhanced with a new feature which creates a customized PDF document as the communication. Future enhancements include attaching the PDF file to an Email communication.

Institution Default – Name Formatting

Data formatting, for display and print, has been expanded to include name fields. Available formatting on First, Middle and Last name fields for Prospects, Applicants, Employees and Family members on the Self-Service and administrative forms includes camel case, all upper case or all lower case. Navigate through Settings>>>Institutional Defaults>>>Formats to access the new format for “Name Representation”.

Employee Termination Date

Employee termination data is captured with a new termination indicator and a new termination date. Additionally a History section has been added to the Employee form to record the details of the Employee’s status.

Dashboard – SMS Tracking Widget

RA new dashboard widget, entitled SMS Tracking, has been added to monitor SMS usage by the institution.


Calendar Type Default Settings

The method for entering Calendar Type defaults has been improved for all settings on the menu; a visual cue clearly indicates which Calendar Types have default settings and Calendar Type defaults can be removed. Adding Calendar Type default values, to override Institutional default values, are still entered by navigating through Settings>>>Institutional Defaults.

Institutional Defaults – Branding Self-Service

Self-Service configuration has been expanded, allowing the institution to more fully control its branding on the landing page, the initial Self-Service form and the Self-Service dashboard. The navigation bar menu has been modified to separate the configuration settings between Self-Service and the Inquiry form. Self-Service is now configurable by navigating through Settings>>>Institutional Defaults>>>Institutional Branding>>>Self Service.

Self-Service – Checklist Item Insufficient Reason

When applicable, the reason why a Checklist item, submitted by an Applicant, is deemed insufficient by the Counselor will be available for the Applicant to review on Self-Service. The submitted document will be available for review, to eliminate any confusion regarding what file was submitted, until a newer file is uploaded. The Counselor’s explanation should facilitate in making the next submission successful.

Dashboard Widgets – Scrollable Ranges

All bar graph widgets on the dashboard now include the improvement, implemented for (2) widgets in Release 9.5, so that all data along the X-axis can be viewed by using the arrow icons to scroll. The arrow keys give the user the ability to move forwards and backwards within the data on the widget.

Communication Rules – Recruiter or Counselor Component

When establishing communication tasks or checklist items, the rules now include Recruiter or Counselor as a component to be tested. The assigned Recruiter/Counselor for a Prospect/Applicant will be used to test the condition of a task or checklist template that builds the Recruiter/Counselor component into a rule. Any pending tasks, assigned to a Prospect’s or Applicant’s communication plan which are based by a Recruiter/Counselor condition will be subject to change when there is any Recruiter/Counselor reassignment, or any role changes for employees. Completed tasks would not be affected.

Address Display

The appearance of address data has been improved by removing unnecessary white space. This white space was created by unused address lines. All displays of address blocks have been updated.

Dashboard – Recruiting Trend Yearly Widget

The Recruiting Trend Yearly widget on the dashboard has been modified such that the date range will start with the earliest month of the recruiting period, and end with the oldest month of the recruiting period, for the year(s) and season(s) selected.

Institutional Defaults – Communication Opt-In/Opt-Out

Configuring the communication opt-in or opt-out settings, for both SMS and Email, are available under
Settings>>>Institutional Defaults>>>Communication Opt-in/out. The fields can be enabled or disabled for users, but always remain visible for potential legal reasons, and clarity to the recipients. Additionally, a default setting can be indicated. Institutional defaults can be overridden per Calendar Type.

Institutional Defaults – Email Templates

Email Templates have been enhanced to accept settings per Calendar Type. Email Templates are created by navigating through Settings>>>Institutional Defaults>>>Email Template. There continues to be (3) different types of Emails that can be sent: Acknowledgement of Application, Inquiry Form Submission, Access Token for Login (Self-Service). Any and all of these can be configured specifically for a Calendar Type.

Duplicity Rule Engine

In the ongoing effort to improve the Unifyed Admit duplicity logic, updates were made to facilitate the awareness and resolution of duplicate and potential match records. Duplicity continues to be tracked on the most recently added or updated record, and after identifying a duplicate or a partial match for a record no further occurrences are sought; Unifyed expects to further develop the duplicity logic in future releases.

Advanced Filter on All Lists

The Advanced Filter option will now be available on all list pages. In addition, Customize Columns will have all fields available for all list pages. Both improvements are in accordance with standard list behavior.

Duplicity Rule Engine

Identifying duplicate or potentially duplicate records among Prospect and Applicant records continues to be improved with this release of Unifyed Admit. Additionally, sending alerts when duplicates occur and resolving issues have also been enhanced.

Accessibility Compliance

Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG conformance levels A & AA.

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