Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Admit v9.5

Saturday – March 28, 2020

Unifyed Student – Admit | Release 9.5

Unifyed Release Notes for Unifyed Student – Admit, an admissions & recruitment CRM for Higher Education. This release provides information on the new features, enhancements and bug fixes in each release.


Upgrades to Scheduler Data

Improvements have been made to the Admit system job scheduler:

  • Job names have been modified to be more intuitive and descriptive.
  • Job Descriptions have been updated to deliver meaningful, appropriate and self-explanatory information about the job.
  • “Last updated by” information appears at the bottom of the page which reports the user and date/time stamp of the last update made to the scheduling details.
  • The time zone must be entered with the hour and minutes for jobs which are scheduled to run daily or weekly.
  • Log files are available for download to review the details of the latest 15 days of job execution, within a 500 line maximum. Log files contain the following details about each job: Name, scheduled time, start time, end time and execution status. Log files are named with the same name as the job and will have the date and time appended in the file name to create uniqueness. Files will not be overwritten

Payment Integration Enhancements

Application fee payment integration has been enhanced to provide receipts to Applicants, either via Email and/or as a file download, from the Self-Service forms after payment has been made. Two toggle switches have been added to the Admit administrative form for the application fee setup which defines, if and how an Applicant will be allowed to receive their payment receipt.

Graphics Update on Location Widgets

The “Prospects by Location” and “Applications by Location” widgets have been improved such that all states can be viewed by using the arrow icons to scroll along the X-axis. The arrow keys give the user the ability to move forwards and backwards within the data on the widget.

Source Option for Recruiter & Counselor Assignment

The Prospect and Applicant Source field, which is the response to the “Source/Where did you hear about us” question, can now be used for Recruiter or Counselor assignment rules. “Sources” has been added to the Recruiter and Counselor Assignment criteria list for establishing rules of assigning Prospects to Recruiters and Applicants to Counselors based on how the Prospect or Applicant heard about the institution. Defining the assignment rule based on Source behaves in the same manner as existing criteria such as Major, Cohorts, Sports, etc. Once the user selects Source from the criteria list, the appropriate source values are selected and associated with the Recruiter or Counselor to whom the rule applies. The “Sources” criteria can then be moved up or down within the list to set the correct Priority for evaluation.

Round Robin Option for Recruiter and Counselor Assignment

A “Round Robin” approach can be applied to the Recruiter and Counselor Assignment rules so that the workload can be equally distributed. The “Round Robin” approach is the first of the default methods used when a Prospect or Applicant has not been assigned by any of the other criteria set in the priority list. When “Round Robin” is to be utilized, the participating Recruiters or Counselors are identified by selecting them from the list of all available Recruiters or Counselors. The system will keep track of incoming Prospects or Applicants, assigning them one-at-a-time to each Recruiter or Counselor in the list in a circular fashion.

Term Curriculum Rules OFF

Prior to this release, when curriculum rules were turned off for a Term, the Award Validation table impacted the entry of the Major, Minor, Concentration and Certification fields, by requiring or preventing values in these fields based on the Award selected for either a Prospect or an Applicant. This effect was partially imposing curriculum rules, when ideally without curriculum rules in place, a Prospect or Applicant should be able to make selections freely for any of these fields.

Historical Academic Data on Prospect Form

Previous release 9.4 included a change such that an affirmative response to the “Have you ever attended another college?” question on Self-Service would mandate the entry of a college type, prior academic history entry. And failure to enter the prior college information would clear the affirmative response to the question. This release incorporates that same logic on all forms: Prospect and Applicant Self-Service or administrative forms. The behavior will be consistent, no matter where it occurs.

Fields Name Improvement

Several updates have been made to existing fields to improve general use and the user experience.

Mandatory Field Check on Save

Prior to this release, saving a new Prospect/Applicant record or saving edits on an existing Prospect/Applicant record was not possible if mandatory fields had not been filled in because the Save button was not enabled until all required data was provided. This enhancement enables the Save button at all times and provides feedback to the user about any and all required, missing data fields which prevents a successful save of the record. Fields without values will display a message, written in red, stating that a value is required. Additionally, the focus is set on the first missing data element so the user can begin to provide necessary data. This enhancement has been added to the Prospect and Applicant Self-Service and administrative forms.

New Field – Agreement Sign Date

Currently, Applicant records created by the import process do not have an agreement sign date until the record is edited and saved. This enhancement sets the agreement sign date to be the date the Applicant record was created by the import process.

New Field – Agreement Sign Date

Currently, Applicant records created by the import process do not have an agreement sign date until the record is edited and saved. This enhancement sets the agreement sign date to be the date the Applicant record was created by the import process.

Submit Button for Applicant Records

When an Applicant creates an application on Self-Service, but does not submit that application, the record has a status of “Incomplete Application” when viewed in administrative. Prior to this release, if a Counselor were to save that record, the application would automatically become submitted and move to a status of “Checklist Incomplete” or “Pending”. A correction has been made to prevent that premature submittal of the application. Now when a Counselor edits an incomplete application they will have the option to simply save changes without submitting, or save changes and submit the application. These options are implemented with two buttons on the Applicant form, when the status of the record being edited is currently “Incomplete Application”.

Defaults Value Values in Nation Dropdowns

Any location default setting for Nation, whether at the user, Calendar Type or institutional level, will appear as the first nation in the dropdown lists for Nation fields, to facilitate data entry. This applies to all Nation fields on any page of Unifyed Admit. The remaining nations will be listed in alphabetical order. Any nation default setting, whether at the institution, Calendar Type or user level, will continue to pre-fill the nation field in the usual manner.

Role Management – Removing Existing Roles

When an employee with a Recruiter or Admission Counselor role, needs to be modified to remove either of those roles, the removal process has been improved to ensure that active Prospects and Applicants continue to have an active Recruiter or Counselor, with to the same Calendar Type, assigned to them. A new process allows a user to update the Recruiter and Counselor Assignment rules by providing an alternate Recruiter or Counselor on the rules currently associated to the employee. The process also allows for the reassigning of Prospects and Applicants currently assigned to the employee based on the updated rules.

Defining Rules for Duplicate Records

Identifying and preventing duplicate Entity records in Unifyed Admit is improved by monitoring all entry points for new Prospect and Applicant records and update points on existing Prospect and Applicant records, with new “Duplicity” checks. Whether Prospect or Applicant records are added or updated by Self-Service, the administrative forms or from a file import, new, configurable rules will be applied that will identify duplicates or potential matches to existing records in the system. A new tool will allow the user to resolve duplicity issues.

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