Unifyed Announces General Availability of Engage v12.8 & 12.9

Thursday – Sep 28, 2023

Unifyed Engage 12.8 & 12.9


The following applets have been updated with new enhancements and/or resolved defects:

  • Unifyed Groups
  • Notifications App
  • My Drive
  • Unifyed Connect App
  • Messaging App

To update an applet:

  • Click on ‘Studio’ from the Profile dropdown on the right.
  • Click on ‘App Manager’ from the new navigation bar that appears on the left.
  • Click on ‘Unifyed Appstore’.
  • Click on ‘Save’ for all the applets that you wish to update.
  • Close the window and click on ‘Publish’ present in the top right corner.


Unifyed Studio – Enable Google Tag Manager

We now have the ability to add a Google Tag Manager (GTM) code to the portal. This will allow each customer to track the traffic of the portal at a more granular level and leverage the google tools for deeper traffic analysis.

My Drive – Child Folder Permissions

We have improved the functionality of the My Drive child folders by correcting a scenario where conflicting permissions assigned to a user would render undesired results. Previously a user who was assigned View permission via a User Group, but assigned Edit through individual user permission the user wouldn’t be able to edit the folder. We have fixed this issue so that Edit permission takes precedence over View if ever a conflict.

Unifyed Groups – Message Change Notification Sent to All Group Members

Previously when an Admin performs an edit/ update action on an group a notification message is sent out to all group members “You have been added”. This isn’t always accurate because if a group’s description, title, or logo changed you will still receive the same message. We have updated the notification sent out to say “The Group has been edited”.

Notifications App – Added View Post button for Connect Posts

In the current implementation – user needs to click on the notification area to redirect to the connect post. However at certain times there is no specific point to click on and often the notification gets expanded and often redirected. With this improvement we will provide a “View Post” button in the notification area so the user may click it and read the post full screen.

Unifyed Groups – Tenant Admins should default as Member

If you would add an administrator to a Unifyed Group, and then have that user leave the group the Member list total would not be correct. Any user who has been added as an Administrator is not becoming a member of the community by default and that is why, the view members list isn’t giving us accurate data. This has been resolved so that the members list will be accurate regardless who joins or leaves the group.

Unifyed Groups – Global CSS not Reflecting in Unifyed Groups

When the CSS has been added in the main community then, its getting reflected to that community only. To resolve this issue, but still allow each Unifyed Group can have its own unique style not inherited from the global CSS, we have added a new tab under Site Settings called Global CSS. Any CSS added in this space will be inherited across all Unifyed Groups.

Unifyed Analytics – Upgrade Analytics to use new Google Analytics v4

On the back end of the system we have switched the source of the usage analytics to be coming from Google Analytics version 4 instead of the previous version 3. This is due to Google turning off support for version 3 shortly.

Landing Page Configuration – Remove Pre-Login tab from Landing Page Configuration

When inside a Unifyed Group if you click on Settings > Landing Page Configuration there use to be a tab for Pre-Login page. However, this wasn’t functional as the Pre-Login tab is only for the main portal and not each individual Unifyed Group. To reduce questions and confusion we have removed this tab from the Unifyed Groups and it is now only available in the main portal.

Accessibility Compliance

Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG 2.1 AA.

Supported Browser & Devices

This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices  
Device Operating System
Android Version 10
iPad Version 13.1
iOS Version 12 and Above
Supported Browsers  
Browser Version
Chrome 84.0.4147.89 & above
Edge 84.0.522.48 & above
Firefox 79.0 & above
Safari 12.0 & above

About Unifyed

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