Unifyed Attendance Tracker - Modernizing Attendance Tracking & Data Reporting Using Geofencing Capabilities

Monday – January 14, 2019

Miami, FL

Unifyed, the premier student engagement and digital transformation provider for higher education, today announced the launch of the latest version of Attendance Tracker. Using the app, customers now have two options to track attendance – via QR code, by which students scan a course QR code using their mobile device, or by the brand new geofencing capability. This latest feature supports attendance taking through geofencing mode, which enables automated marking when someone enters or exits a pre-defined zone such as a classroom.

Whether an institution tracks attendance to improve retention efforts or is required to do so for state reporting, collecting and managing the data can be tedious and inefficient. Unifyed’s Attendance Tracker app provides a variety of features that modernize attendance taking and data reporting, such as:

  • Role-based access: Both students and faculty appreciate the ease of use. Students can utilize their mobile devices to check in, and faculty can review data by course and date and assess the presence and absenteeism of their students.
  • Automated reporting: The app increases efficiency in collecting attendance data, reduces errors through duplicate detection, and automates reports for faculty and administrators.
  • Reduced absenteeism: With integrated communication and intervention strategies, attendance patterns can trigger emails, messaging and SMS to alert students and advisors of attendance thresholds and potential penalties associated with additional absences.
  • Cloud-based management: Student and course attendance reports can easily be tracked across multiple campuses, providing secure, effortless roll-up data management for institutions.


Institutions are looking to Unifyed to help them modernize a variety of processes such as managing attendance taking,” said Dennis Thibeault, Chief Product Officer at Unifyed. “With our mobile-first technology that leverages the cloud, students now can mark their presence with one click, and their attendance can be instantly verified by faculty and advisors. This is just one example of how Unifyed is creating a significant shift in how colleges and universities do business.

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