Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Verify v8.1

Friday – March 26, 2021

Unifyed Student – Verify | Release 8.1

Unifyed Student – Verify 8.1 introduces several enhancements to Insights, Password Manager, Licensing along-with other improvements and enhancements to delivering consistent experience for end-user and admin.

New Features

  • Password Manager Insights are now consolidated
  • System error pages will now be branded
  • In-product Release announcements for Administrators
  • Server side pagination with ability to sort and display Licensing data
  • Availability of Debit cards as a DIY payment method
  • Availability of My Billing view for customers to self-manage Contracts and Invoices
  • Accessibility: Enhancements for First-Time user, Forgot Password and Forgot Username flows
  • All system emails including Licensing related emails will now go to all Administrator users
  • Insights: Active users details are now available in graphical format
  • Error messages are now displayed if a user attempts to sign in without attempting reCAPTCHA
  • All system emails will now be triggered only to the Notification email addresses of Admin users
  • Unifyed Mobile Push: Ability to resend push notification


  • Unifyed Mobile Push reporting anomaly
  • End User UI anomalies
  • Limitation of downloading 10K+ user records in Licensing is now removed
  • Validation is now applied to protect for capturing invalid number of licensed users during Upgrade
  • Branding was not being applied normally on prompt for Credential Replay app types
  • Admins and end users were unable to un-trust devices under a certain scenario
  • Password Policy: Number of historical passwords will now be respected
  • All system emails including Licensing related emails will now go to all Administrator users
  • Admin Forgot password: OTP code is not expired after 15 minutes
  • Inviting new Admins was always appending 1 to their Login ID

About Unifyed

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