New Features  

Enhancement under Community Drive Applet

“Root Folder” title has been renamed to “Root Folder ID”

User Can Remove Profile Picture

End user is now enabled to remove the profile picture from the portal.

Partial Open Chat Bot Icon with Welcome Message on Page Load: Issue & Solution

Yoda when opened on a web page, either appeared as a bubble icon or bot in original size (if auto pop up bot was enabled) can now be opened partially with welcome message as seen in the screenshot below.

Connect Sub Comments (inline comment) to be Enabled

Inline comments feature has been enabled for replying to user-specific comments.

Requirement for Yoda Reporting, Analytics and Intent Management

Inline comments feature has been enabled for replying to user-specific comments.

  • New Feature “YODA Analytics” has been modified to track the below list of items in order of their priority
  • Comprehensive GA type of analytics where we can track usage based on daily, weekly, monthly views
  • Sessions/interactions peak, what intents people are accessing
  • Intents which have links we can track which links were clicked and how many times were they clicked
  • Able to track list of of Devices / Browsers / Operating Systems people are accessing Yoda
  • Custom reporting/export of data for customer usage



Messaging Upload CSV File Feature Giving Incorrect Count

Prior to this release, CSV File Feature was showing incorrect count when “Email” label wasn’t in A1 of the document.

Notification Icon with Real-time sync on display

Prior to version 10.8, the Release Bell icon was not lighting up automatically when a message was posted to Unifyed Connect. Now it’s working in real time.

Cannot Access Public Pages Created under Unifyed Groups

Prior to version 10.8, Public Page Created on the Main Engage Portal i.e., was accessible. However, when a user created a Public Page under a Unifyed Group and tried to access is publicly, it was not working.

Email option not working

Email option was not working in Engage Messaging to the some groups

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